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Table of Contents
Stainless Steel Construction—The outdoor
grill is constructed of welded stainless steel.
Carted Or Built-In Models—The grill is fully
assembled for immediate use, and is available
in portable, or built-in models. Portable models
are supplied with a 20 lb. L.P. tank. Built-in
models are set up for use with natural gas. All
models are easily converted for use with natu-
ral or L.P. gas.
Evenness Of Cooking—Specially-designed
stainless steel sear plates assist with heat
distribution throughout the grill, to minimize
flare-ups, and eliminate hot spots. Stainless
steel main burners, each rated at 22,500 BTUs,
allow for just the right amount of heat for
exceptional cooking.
Direct Or Indirect Cooking—Sear food di-
rectly over the heat source, or indirectly cook
the food by utilizing reflected heat. As the heat
rises, it reflects off the lid and the inside sur-
faces, and slowly cooks the food evenly on all
Smoke Flavoring—Every grill features a gas
powered smoker drawer. Use mesquite,
hickory, black walnut, or orange chips to create
a variety of flavor enhancements.
Rotisserie Cooking—Prepare perfect roast
chicken and tenderloin slowly and evenly with
the Stainless Steel & Ceramic Infrared Burner.
Ignition System—The ignition system is pow-
ered by a 9-volt battery and solid state ignition
Insect Guards—The main burners are pro-
vided with insect guards (screen) over the air
shutters that prevent insects from blocking the


Table of Contents

Table of Contents