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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Doors will not close
correctly or pop
Doors are difficult to
Refrigerator wobbles
or seems unstable.
Lights do not work.
Refrigerator has an
unusual odor.
The interior of
the refrigerator is
covered with dust or
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 38


Possible Causes
Food packages are blocking the door
Ice bin, crisper cover, pans, shelves,
door bins, or baskets are out of
The doors were removed during
product installation and not properly
Refrigerator is not leveled properly.
The gaskets are dirty or sticky.
Door was recently closed.
Leveling legs are not adjusted
Floor is not level.
LED interior lighting failure.
The Air Filter may need to be set to
the MAX setting or replaced.
The refrigerator is located near a fire
source, such as a fireplace, chimney
or candle.
Rearrange food containers to clear the door and door
Push bins all the way in and put crisper cover, pans,
shelves and baskets into their correct positions. See the
Using Your Refrigerator section for more information.
Remove and replace the doors according to the
Removing and Replacing Refrigerator Handles and
Doors section.
See Door Alignment in the Refrigeration Installation
section to level refrigerator.
Clean the gaskets and the surfaces that they touch.
Rub a thin coat of appliance polish or kitchen wax on
the gaskets after cleaning.
When you open the door, warmer air enters the
refrigerator. As the warm air cools, it can create a
vacuum. If the door is hard to open, wait one minute
to allow the air pressure to equalize, then see if it
opens more easily.
Refer to the Leveling and Door Alignment section.
It may be necessary to add shims under the leveling
legs or rollers to complete installation.
The refrigerator compartment lamp is LED interior
lighting, and service should be performed by
a qualified technician. Refer to the Light Bulb
Replacement section.
Set the Air Filter to the MAX setting. If the odor does
not go away within 24 hours, the filter may need to be
replaced. See the Replacing the Air Filter section for
replacement instructions.
Make sure that the refrigerator is not located near a
fire source, such as a fireplace, chimney or candle.
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Table of Contents