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Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual page 36

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Table of Contents
Ice has bad taste or
Dispensing warm
Water has bad taste
or odor.
Icemaker is making
too much ice.
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Possible Causes
Water supply contains minerals such
as sulfur.
Icemaker was recently installed.
Ice has been stored for too long.
The food has not been stored
properly in either compartment.
The interior of the refrigerator needs
to be cleaned.
The ice storage bin needs to be
Refrigerator was recently installed.
The water dispenser has been used
recently and the storage tank was
Dispenser has not been used for
several hours.
Refrigerator is connected to the hot
water supply.
Water supply contains minerals such
as sulfur.
Water filter has been exhausted.
Refrigerator was recently installed.
Icemaker shutoff (feeler arm) is
A water filter may need to be installed to eliminate
taste and odor problems.
NOTE: In some cases, a filter may not help. It may not
be possible to remove all minerals / odor / taste in all
water supplies.
Discard the first few batches of ice to avoid discolored
or bad tasting ice.
Ice that has been stored for too long will shrink,
become cloudy, and may develop a stale taste. Throw
away old ice and make a new supply.
Rewrap the food. Odors may migrate to the ice if
food is not wrapped properly.
See the Care and Cleaning section for more
Empty and wash the bin (discard old cubes). Make
sure that the bin is completely dry before reinstalling
Allow 24 hours after installation for the water storage
tank to cool completely.
Depending on your specific model, the water storage
capacity will range from approximately 20 to 30 oz.
If the dispenser has not been used for several hours,
the first glass dispensed may be warm. Discard the
first 10 oz.
Make sure that the refrigerator is connected to a cold
water pipe.
WARNING: Connecting the refrigerator to a hot
water line may damage the icemaker.
A water filter may need to be installed to eliminate
taste and odor problems.
It is recommended that you replace the water filter:
Approximately every 6 months.
• When the water filter indicator turns on.
• When the water dispenser output decreases.
• When the ice cubes are smaller than normal.
Dispense 2.5 gallons of water (flush for approximately
5 minutes) to remove trapped air and contaminates
from the system. Do not dispense the entire 2.5
gallon amount continuously. Depress and release the
dispenser pad for cycles of 30 seconds ON and 60
seconds OFF.
Empty the ice bin. If your icemaker is equipped with
an ice shutoff arm, make sure that the arm moves
freely. Reinstall the ice bin and wait 24 hours to
confirm proper operation.
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Table of Contents