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Icemaker - Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual

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In case the icemaker doesn't work
If the ice cubes get stuck and do not dispense:
1. Pull out the ice storage bin and separate any ice cubes
that may have stuck together.
2. If the amount of water which is supplied to the
icemaker needs adjusting, contact Sears or another
qualified service dealer to make the necessary
In case of power failure
In the event of a lengthy power failure, remove ice cubes
in the storage bin as the ice may melt and flow down to
the ice dispenser and leak out.
Place bin back in the icemaker assembly.
Shutting down the icemaker
If you do not intend to use any ice cubes for longer than
one week (e.g. because you are going on holiday),
shut down the icemaker for that period in order to prevent
ice cubes from freezing together.
1. Press the release button and remove the ice cube bin
from the front of the icemaker.
If the bin cannot be pushed all the way back, rotate
the screw conveyor a quarter turn and insert bin again.
2. Press the On/Off button for 3 seconds to turn the
icemaker off.
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 21
3. Empty and clean the ice cube bin.
4. Return the ice cube bin into position at the front of the
Reactivating the icemaker :
Press the button for 3 seconds (led lamp is on) - the
icemaker is activated.
• Wash food before storing
• Divide and separate food into smaller pieces.
• Place watery food or food with a lot of moisture in
• Warm or hot food should be cooled down enough
• Be careful in storing tropical fruits such as bananas,
• Keep enough space between the food items. If too
• Never forget to cover or wrap food to prevent odors.
icemaker. Push the bin back on the supports until it
snaps into place.
front shelves (close to door side). If they are placed
close to the cold air vent, they can be frozen.
before storing to reduce power consumption and to
enhance refrigeration performance.
pineapples and tomatoes, as they can easily
deteriorate in lower temperatures.
tight or too close, cold air circulation is hindered,
resulting in poor refrigeration.
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Table of Contents