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Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual page 17

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Table of Contents
1. Using 2 people (recommended), align end of the
exterior drawer rails to the lower rail guides located on
the sidewalls of the freezer compartment. Make sure
the gear teeth are engaged to the gear rail the same
amount on both sides.
2. Fully push in and close freezer drawer to engage rails
with rail support locking tab, applying a bit of pressure
after the door is closed to seat the tabs to the rail.
CAUTION : Make sure the tabs are completely
engaged to the rail or the refrigerator drawer could
be pulled out of the refrigerator by the customer. Fully
open the freezer door to check and see if the locking
tabs are fully engaged. If they are not engaged,
gently push each freezer rail with a flat head
screwdriver towards the freezer compartment until the
locking tabs snap to the locked position.
This shows that
the tab is not
fully locked
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 17
If the tab is not fully engaged,
use a flat screwdriver to push
on the rail as shown to allow
the tab to snap into position
This shows that the
tab is fully in the
locked position
3. Replace the lower freezer drawer basket
4. Replace the upper freezer drawer, locate and push
down on both sides to snap the upper freezer drawer
back to the correct locked position.
5. Open and close the freezer drawer several times to
make sure operation is smooth and seal is consistent all
the way around the freezer compartment.
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Table of Contents