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Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual page 16

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WARNING : Use two or more people to remove and
install the freezer drawer. Failure to do so can result in
personal injury, product or property damage.
1. Open freezer drawer as far as possible to fullest
extension. Grasp the sides of the pull out the upper
freezer drawer using a hand on each side. Pull "up and
in" at the same time on one side only, dislodging the
clip fastener that holds the pull out freezer drawer to
the rail assembly. Repeat this action on the opposite
side. Once both sides are dislodged, simply remove the
pull out freezer drawer from the appliance.
2. Remove lower freezer basket by pulling up and tilting
forward until it can be removed from the freezer
drawer/door assembly.
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 16
3. Push the rail support locking tabs to release the main
4. Pull exterior freezer drawer to fully disengage the rail
5. Place the door on a non-scratch surface.
freezer drawer rails from the cabinet while slightly
pulling the exterior freezer drawer outwards, so that the
locking tab does not return to the locked position. The
locking tabs are located in the freezer compartment to
the rear of the main rail assembly (which is attached
to main exterior freezer drawer) as shown in the
illustration below.
assembly from the unit. Use 2 people for this task as
the door is heavy and awkward to handle.
CAUTION : Do not hold the handle when removing or
replacing the drawer. The handle may come off and it
could cause personal injury.
Locking Tab
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Table of Contents