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Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual page 34

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Table of Contents
Icemaker is not
making enough ice
Dispensing water
Not dispensing ice.
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 34
Possible Causes
Doors are opened often or for long
periods of time.
Doors are not closed completely.
The temperature setting for the
freezer is too warm.
Water filter has been exhausted.
Low house water supply pressure.
Doors are not closed completely.
Infrequent use of the dispenser.
The delivery chute is clogged with
frost or ice fragments.
The dispenser display is locked.
Ice bin is empty.
If the doors of the unit are opened often, ambient
air will warm the refrigerator which will prevent the
unit from maintaining the set temperature. Lowering
the refrigerator temperature can help, as well as not
opening the doors as frequently.
If the doors are not properly closed, ice production
will be affected. See the Doors will not close
completely or pop open section in Parts & Features
Troubleshooting for more information.
The recommended temperature for the freezer
compartment for normal ice production is 0°F. If the
freezer temperature is warmer, ice production will be
It is recommended that you replace the water filter:
Approximately every six months.
• When the water filter indicator turns on.
• When the water dispenser output decreases.
• When the ice cubes are smaller than normal.
NOTE: The water pressure must be from 30 to 125 psi
or 207-862 kPa or 2.1-8.8 kgf/cm ² . If the refrigerator
is installed in an area with low water pressure below
30 psi, you can install a booster pump to compensate
for the low pressure.
If the problem persists, it may be necessary to contact
a plumber or install a booster pump to compensate
for the low pressure.
Ice will not dispense if any of the refrigerator doors
are left open.
Infrequent use of the ice dispenser will cause the cubes
to stick together over time, which will prevent them
from properly dispensing. Check the ice bin for ice
cubes clumping/sticking together. If they are, break up
the ice cubes to allow for proper operation.
Eliminate the frost or ice fragments by removing the
ice bin and clearing the chute with a plastic utensil.
Dispensing cubed ice can also help prevent frost or ice
fragment buildup.
Press and hold the Lock button for three seconds to
unlock the control panel and dispenser.
It may take up to 24 hours for each compartment to
reach the desired temperature and for the icemaker
to begin making ice. Make sure that the shutoff (arm/
sensor) is not obstructed.
Once the ice supply in the bin has been completely
exhausted, it my take up to 90 minutes before
additional ice is available, and approximately 24
hours to completely refill the bin.
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Table of Contents