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Using Your Refrigerator - Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
sing the refrigerator
storage of ready meals, cakes
d pastries, canned food,
ndensed milk, cheese, spreads,
uces, dips and eggs.
The crispers provide fresher tasting fruit and vegetables
ollow these guidelines
by letting you easily control humidity inside the drawer.
hen storing food:
Allow warm food and drinks to cool
You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture
down outside the appliance.
sealed crispers crispers by adjusting the control to any
Place food in airtight containers to
setting between VEGETABLES and FRUIT.
prevent it from losing its flavor or
drying out.
- Slide the Humidity Control toward "hi" to keep moist air
To prevent poor air circulation in
in crisper for best storage of fresh, leafy vegetables.
he appliance, do not block
- Slide the Humidity Control toward "lo" to release moist
ventilation openings with food.
air from crisper for best storage of fruit.
Avoid contact of oil and grease with
plastic parts and door seal.
Deli drawer
The temperature in the deli drawer is
ita Fresh
kept at a constant temperature just
below freezing. This provides
optimum storage conditions for meat
and meat products, fish, seafood,
t included on all models)
dairy products as well as hard and
e temperature inside the Vita Fresh
soft cheese.
mpartment is kept at almost 32 °F
°C). The low temperature provides
imum storage conditions for
ishable food.
od can be stored much longer in
1. To remove, pull the
Never store foods that are sensitive
Vita Fresh compartment than in
drawer out to full
to cold in the deli drawer.
regular refrigerator compartment
hout losing its freshness.
e Vita Fresh compartment is
Removing the deli drawer
2. Lift the front of the
vered by a special humidity filter.
crisper up, then pull
e special humidity filter optimizes
1. Pull out the deli drawer as far as
humidity in the Vita Fresh
it straight out.
mpartment. Depending on how full
2. Lift up the front of the deli drawer
Vita Fresh compartment is, the
and pull it out.
midity can reach up to 90 percent
ch is ideal for all garden and field
3. To install, slightly tilt up the front, insert the drawer into
oducts such as vegetables,
uces, herbs and fruit.
the frame and push it back into place.
3. Inserting the drawer: Insert the deli
drawer into the rail and push
toward the back.
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 26
Vita Fresh is suitable for:


Basically any food that is fresh and is
to be kept fresh longer, such as meat
and meat products, fresh fish,
seafood, milk, butter, soft cheese,
cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables.
Vita Fresh is not suitable for:
Fruit and vegetables sensitive to cold,
such as tropical fruits, avocados,
papayas, passion fruit, eggplant,
cucumbers, bell peppers as well as
fruit that has to ripen, green tomatoes
and potatoes.
When buying food, please
The "freshness at purchase" is
important for the storage life of your
food. In general, the fresher the
Variable interior
products are when placed in the
Vita Fresh compartments, the longer
they will stay fresh. Therefore, when
purchasing food, always check how
fresh it is.
Glass shelves
Removing the Vita Fresh
The adjustable glass shelves can be
1. Pull out the Vita Fresh drawers as
far as possible.
2. Lift up the front of the Vita Fresh
drawers and pull them out.
You can pull out the adjustable glass
shelves and place them at varying
Removing a glass shelf
Lift up and pull the shelf toward you.
Unhook and then remove the shelf.
3. Inserting the Vita Fresh drawers:
Insert the Vita Fresh drawers into
the rail and push toward the back.
Installing the glass shelf
Lift up the front of the shelf and insert
the hooks into the openings at the
desired height. Lower the front of the
Small top glass shelf
The glass shelf can be removed and
placed in the holder underneath the
ice maker. This provides room to
place taller items such as tall bottles
next to the ice maker.
The door bins are removable for easy cleaning and
1. To remove the bin, simply lift the bin up and pull straight
2. To replace the bin, slide it in above the desired support
and push down until it snaps into place.
NOTE: Some bins may vary in appearance and will
only fit in one location.
Door storage compartments
CAUTION : Do not overfill or pack items too tightly
into door bins. Doing so may cause damage to the bin
To remove door storage
or personal injury if items are removed with excessive
Lift door compartment and take it out.
To install door storage
Place the compartment above the
bracket at the desired height and
press down.
Butter and cheese
Raise the cover on the butter and
cheese compartment.
To remove the butter and cheese
Lift up the compartment and take it
To install the butter and cheese
Place the compartment above the
bracket at the desired height and
press down.
Egg compartment
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Table of Contents

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