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Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual page 22

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• The first ice and water dispensed may include particles
or odor from the water supply line or the water tank.
• Throw away the first few batches of ice. This is also
necessary if the refrigerator has not been used for a
long time.
• Never store beverage cans or other items in the ice
bin for the purpose of rapid cooling. Doing so may
damage the icemaker or the containers may burst.
• If discolored ice is dispensed, check the water filter
and water supply. If the problem continues, contact a
Sears or other qualified service center. Do not use the
ice or water until the problem is corrected.
• Keep children away from the dispenser. Children may
play with or damage the controls.
• The ice passage may become blocked with frost if only
crushed ice is used. Remove the frost that accumulates
by removing the ice bin and clearing the passage with
a rubber spatula. Dispensing cubed ice can also help
prevent frost buildup.
• Never use thin crystal glass or crockery to collect ice.
Such containers may chip or break resulting in glass
fragments in the ice.
• Dispense ice into a glass before filling it with water
or other beverages. Splashing may occur if ice is
dispensed into a glass that already contains liquid.
• Never use a glass that is exceptionally narrow or
deep. Ice may jam in the ice passage and refrigerator
performance may be affected.
• Keep the glass at a proper distance from the ice outlet.
A glass held too close to the outlet may prevent ice
from dispensing.
• To avoid personal injury, keep hands out of the ice
door and passage.
• Never remove the dispenser cover.
• If ice or water dispenses unexpectedly, turn off the
water supply and contact Sears Home Services at
1-844-553-6667 in the United States and
1-800-469-4663 in Canada.
F706-4(영)(Kenmore)_신포맷.indd 22
• When the water supply will be shut off for several
• When the ice bin is removed for more than one or two
• When the refrigerator will not be used for several days.
Set the icemaker ON/OFF button to OFF and shut off the
water supply to the refrigerator.
NOTE: The ice bin should be emptied any time the
icemaker ON/OFF button is turned OFF.
If the ambient temperature will drop below freezing, have
a qualified technician drain the water supply system to
prevent serious property damage due to flooding caused
by ruptured water lines or connections.
How to use the Automatic Icemaker
• About 8 ice cubes (14~16 times a day) are made at
• It is normal for the icemaker to make banging sounds
• To prevent bad odor smell, regularly clean the ice
• If the amount of ice in the storage bin is not sufficient,
• If the ice does not dispense easily, ensure the dispenser
NOTE: The ice bin should be emptied when the
icemaker ON/OFF button is turned to the OFF mode.
one time. If the ice storage bin is full, ice making stops.
when the ice cubes are falling into the ice storage bin
cube's storage bin.
the ice may not be dispensed. Wait a day or so to
make more ice.
outlet is not blocked
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Table of Contents

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