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Control Panel - Kenmore 111.7304 Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents

Control Panel

1. Freezer button
Selection button for freezer compartment temperature.
2. Accela Ice button
Press the Accela Ice button for 3 seconds to turn on
Accela Ice mode
Press the "Freezer" button one time to cancel Accela
Ice feature (LED Off)
This function increases ice-making capabilities for 24
3. Water/Ice select button
For your convenience you can select Water, Crushed
Ice or Cubed Ice.
To select, press the dot between the Water and Ice
text on the display, LED lit icons will toggle between
Water, Crushed, and Cubed ice every time the button
is pressed and released.
To obtain the water or ice, push the dispenser pad
smoothly with your cup and your selection will come
out 1~2 seconds later.
- Try to avoid placing the rim of your glass near the
bottom of the pad, otherwise water or icecubes may
spill or splash.
4. Mute/Lock button
When either the refrigerator or the freezer door is left
open for more than one minute, an audible alarm will
sound to notify you that the door is open. Mute button
will silence the door alarm warning.
To activate, Press and hold the dot between the Mute
and Lock icons for 3 seconds. To disable the lock
function, press and hold the dot for 3 seconds.
When the Lock function is activated, no other buttons
will work. The dispenser pad is also deactivated.
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5. Refrigerator button
6. Light button
7. Symbols on the display panel
8. Temperature Mode Switch Function ( °F ↔ °C )
NOTE: If the lock icon is illuminated after performing this
function, press and hold Lock button for 3 seconds to turn
control lock OFF.
Selection button for refrigerator compartment
1) Press to turn dispenser light on and/or off.
2) When the "Replace Filter" light is illuminated, it is
time to replace your water filter. After changing
water filter, press for 3 seconds to reset Replace
Filter notification icon.
Accela Ice
Illuminates when Accela Ice function is ON.
Illuminates when the water dispenser light is ON.
Replace Filter
When the Filter Change icon turns on, you need to
change the water filter. After changing the water
filter, press and hold the Water Filter button for three
seconds to turn the indicator light off. You need to
change the water filter approximately every six months.
Panel lock
illuminates when appears when the panel lock is on
If you want to convert °F to °C or vice
1. Press and hold the Lock button for 3 seconds. The
lock icon will illuminate.
2. Press and hold the Accela Ice button for
approximately 15 seconds until the temperature
mode changes.
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Table of Contents

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