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Chapter 3 Fx5-4da-adp; Specifications; Generic Specifications; Power Supply Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-F FX5 User Manual

Programmable controllers.
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This chapter describes the FX5-4DA-ADP.


This section describes the specifications.

Generic specifications

The items other than the following are equivalent to those of the CPU module.
For general specifications, refer to the following manual.
MELSEC iQ-F FX5U User's manual (Hardware)
MELSEC iQ-F FX5UC User's manual (Hardware)
Dielectric withstand voltage
Insulation resistance

Power supply specifications

Power supply specifications is shown below.
External electric supply
(D/A conversion circuit)
Internal electric supply

Performance specifications

Performance specifications is shown below.
Number of analog output points
Digital input
Analog output voltage
Analog output current
Output characteristics, resolution
Accuracy (accuracy for the full scale
of the analog output value)
Conversion speed
Isolation method
Number of occupied I/O points
*1 For the output conversion characteristic, refer to the Page 95 Output conversion characteristics.
3.1 Specifications
500 V AC for one minute
10 M or higher by 500 V DC insulation resistance tester
24 V DC +20 %, -15 % 160 mA
External electric supply is carried out from the power supply connector of an adapter.
5 V DC 10 mA
Internal electric supply is carried out from 5 V DC power supply of a CPU module.
4 points (4 channels)
14-bit binary value
-10 to +10 V DC (external load resistance value 1k to 1 M)
0 to 20 mA DC (external load resistance value 0 to 500 )
Analog output range
0 to 10 V
0 to 5 V
1 to 5 V
-10 to +10 V
0 to 20 mA
4 to 20 mA
Ambient temperature 255: 0.1 % (Voltage 20 mV, Current 20 A)
Ambient temperature -20 to 55: 0.2 % (Voltage 40 mV, Current 40 A)
Maximum 950 s (The data will be updated at every scan time of the PLC.)
Between output terminal and PLC: Photocoupler
Between output channels: Non-isolation
0 point (This number is not related to the maximum number of I/O points of the PLC.)
Between all external terminals and ground terminal
Digital value
0 to 16000
0 to 16000
0 to 16000
-8000 to +8000
0 to 16000
0 to 16000
625 V
312.5 V
250 V
1250 V
1.25 A
1 A


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