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Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-F FX5 User Manual Page 7

Programmable controllers.
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● Use the battery for memory backup in conformance to the FX5 User's Manual (Hardware).
Use the battery for the specified purpose only.
Connect the battery correctly.
Do not charge, disassemble, heat, put in fire, short-circuit, connect reversely, weld, swallow or
burn the battery, or apply excessive force (vibration, impact, drop, etc.) to the battery.
Do not store or use the battery at high temperatures or expose to direct sunlight.
Do not expose to water, bring near fire or touch liquid leakage or other contents directly.
Incorrect handling of the battery may cause excessive heat, bursting, ignition, liquid leakage or
deformation, and lead to injury, fire or failures and malfunction of facilities and other equipment.
● Do not disassemble or modify the PLC. Doing so may cause fire, equipment failures, or malfunctions.
*For repair, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric representative.
● Turn off the power to the PLC before connecting or disconnecting any extension cable. Failure to do
so may cause device failures or malfunctions.
● Turn off the power to the PLC before attaching or detaching the following devices. Failure to do so
may cause device failures or malfunctions.
Peripheral devices, expansion board and expansion adapter
Extension modules, bus conversion module and connector conversion module
● Construct an interlock circuit in the program to ensure safe operation for the whole system when
executing control (for data change) of the PLC in operation. Read the manual thoroughly and ensure
complete safety before executing other controls (for program change, parameter change, forced
output and operation status change) of the PLC in operation. Otherwise, the machine may be
damaged and accidents may occur by erroneous operations.
● Please contact a certified electronic waste disposal company for the environmentally safe recycling
and disposal of your device.
● When disposing of batteries, separate them from other waste according to local regulations. For
details on the Battery Directive in EU countries, refer to the FX5 User's Manual (Hardware).


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