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End Of Programme; Interrupting The Programme; Terminating The Programme; Changing The Programme - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


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Operating the appliance

End of programme

The programme has ended when
neither of the two displays h or )" is
To save energy, the dishwasher
automatically switches off after the end
of the programme.

Interrupting the programme

1. Switch off ON/OFF switch (.
The LEDs go out. The programme is
If the door was opened on an
appliance which has a warm water
connection or is heated, first leave
the door ajar for several minutes and
then close. Otherwise, expansion
(pressure) may cause the appliance
door to spring open or water to run
out of the appliance.
2. To continue the programme, switch
on the ON/OFF switch ( again.
T erminating the programme
T e r m i n a t i n g t h e p r o g r a m m e
1. Press START button 8 for
approx. 3 sec. until all displays go
2. The remaining programme sequence
for draining the residual water takes
approx. 1 minute.

Changing the programme

When the START button 8 has been
pressed, the programme cannot be
The only way a programme can be
changed is by Cancel programme

Intensive drying

The final rinse uses a higher
temperature which improves the drying
result. The running time may increase
slightly. (Caution if utensils are delicate!)
1. Close the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
The Cleaning display )" flashes.
3. Press and hold down the START
button 8.
4. Rotate programme selector 0 until
the "Check water supply" display
` flashes.
5. Release button.
To change the setting:
1. By rotating the programme selector
0, you can switch on intensive
drying (Dry display h
is lit) or switch off intensive drying
(Dry display h is not lit).
2. Press START button 8.
The setting is saved.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents