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Operating The Appliance; Programme Data; Aqua Sensor; Switching On The Appliance - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


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the appliance
n g
O p e r a t i

Programme data

The programme data (consumption
values) can be found in the summary
of instructions. This data refers to
normal conditions and the water
hardness set value 2. Different
influencing factors such as water
temperature or mains pressure may
result in deviations.
A qua sensor *
A q u a s e n s o r
* depending on model
The Aqua sensor is an optical
measuring device (light barrier) which
measures the turbidity of the rinsing
The Aqua sensor is used according to
the programme. If the Aqua sensor is
active, "clean" rinsing water can be
transferred to the next rinse bath and
water consumption can be reduced by
2–4 litres. If the turbidity is greater, the
water is drained and is replaced with
fresh water. In the automatic
programmes the temperature and
running time can also be adjusted to the
degree of soiling.

Operating the appliance

Switching on the appliance

1. Turn on the tap fully.
2. Close the door.
i a n c e
t h e a p p l
3. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
The Cleaning display )" flashes.
4. Rotate programme selector 0
to the required programme.
5. Press START button 8.
The Cleaning display )" is lit. The
programme starts running.
- for environmentally friendly operation
of the dishwasher:
The Eco 50° programme is a
particularly environmentally friendly
programme. According to EU
regulation 1016/2010 it is the
"Standard programme" which is the
most efficient standard cleaning cycle
for cleaning normally soiled utensils in
terms of the combined energy and
water consumption for cleaning these
types of utensils.
T imer programming *
T i m e r p r o g r a m m i n g
* depending on model
You can delay the start of the
programme by 3, 6 or 9 hours.
1. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
2. Keep pressing the Preselected
starting time button @ until the
appropriate display 3h, 6h or 9h is lit.
3. Press START button 8, timer
programming is activated.
4. To delete the preselected starting
time, keep pressing the Preselected
starting time button @ until none of
the displays 3h, 6h or 9h is lit.
You can change your programme
selection at any time until the
programme starts.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents