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Protection Of The Environment; Packaging; Old Appliances - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


Table of Contents

Protection of the environment

Risks to children!
If fitted, use the childproof
lock. An exact description
can be
found in the back of the enve
Do not allow children to play
with or operate
the appliance.
Keep children away from
detergents and rinse aid.
These may cause chemical
burns in the mouth, throat
and eyes or asphyxiation.
Keep children away from
open dishwasher.
The water in the rinsing
compartment is not drinking
water and could contain
detergent residue.
When opening and closing
the door on an eye-level
appliance, ensure that
children do not become
jammed or crushed between
the appliance door and the
cupboard door below.
Children could become
locked in the appliance
(danger of suffocation) or get
into another dangerous
Redundant appliances: Pull
out the mains plug, sever
and dispose of the power
cord. Destroy the door lock
so that the door can no
longer be closed.
Protection of the
i o n
P r o t e c t
Both the packaging of new appliances
and the old appliances themselves
contain valuable raw materials
and recyclable materials.
Please dispose of the individual parts
separated according to type.
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your
local authority about current means
of disposal.


All plastic parts of the appliance are
identified with internationally
standardised abbreviations (e.g. >PS<
polystyrene). Therefore, plastic waste
can be sorted out when the appliance is
being disposed of.
Please follow the safety instructions
under "Delivery".

Old appliances

Please follow the safety instructions
under "Disposal of your appliance".
This appliance is labelled in
accordance with European
Directive 2012/19/EU
concerning used electrical and
electronic appliances (waste
electrical and electronic
equipment - WEEE). The
guideline determines the
framework for the return and
recycling of used appliances as
applicable throughout the EU
h e
o f t
e n v i r o n m e n t


Table of Contents

Table of Contents