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In Daily Use; Door Lock - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction

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Safety instructions
If the dishwasher is installed
below or above other
domestic appliances, follow
the information for installation
in combination with
a dishwasher
in the installation instructions
for the particular appliances.
Also follow the installation
instructions for
the dishwasher to ensure
that all appliances are
operated safely.
If there is no information or if
the installation instructions
do not include
the appropriate information,
contact the manufacturer
of these appliances
to ensure that
the dishwasher can be
installed above or below
these appliances.
If you cannot obtain any
information from
the manufacturer, you must
not install the dishwasher
above or below these
If you install a microwave
oven above the dishwasher,
the microwave oven may be
Do not install the appliance
near heat sources (radiators,
heat storage tanks, cookers
or other appliances which
generate much heat)
and install it under
a hob only in consideration
of the stipulated safety
After installing the appliance,
ensure that the plug is easily
(See Electrical connection)
Some models:
The plastic housing on the
water connection contains
an electric valve,
the connecting cables
are in the supply hose.
Do not cut through this hose,
do not immerse the plastic
housing in water.

In daily use

Read and observe the safety
information and instructions
for use on the packaging
for cleaning and rinsing agents.
Childproof lock (door lock)
The description of the
childproof lock is at the back in
the envelope.
* depending on model
D o o r l o c k