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Setting; Water Hardness Table; Using Special Salt - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction

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Water softening system/Special salt


The amount of salt dispensed can be
set in 4 stages
depending on the hardness of your
water. Accordingly 0, 1, 2 or 3 displays
are lit (see table). Factory setting: 1.
1. Find out about the hardness
value of your tap water. Your water
utility company will help you with this.
2. Setting can be found in the water
hardness table.
3. Close the door.
4. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
The Cleaning display )" flashes.

Water hardness table

Using special salt

Always refill with special salt
immediately before switching on the
appliance. This ensures that overrun
special salt solution is immediately
washed out and does not corrode the
rinsing tank.
5. Press and hold down the START
button 8.
6. Rotate programme selector 0 until
the salt refill indicator X flashes.
7. Release button.
The salt refill indicator X flashes
and the display "Check water
supply" ` are lit (= Setting 1).
To change the setting:
1. Rotate programme selector 0 until
the required setting has been
2. Press START button 8.
The salt refill indicator X goes out.
The selected setting is saved.
1. Open the screw-type cap of the
compartment 12.
2. Fill the tank with water (only required
when switching on the appliance for
the first time).
3. Then add dishwasher salt (not table
salt or tablets).
The water is displaced and runs out.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents