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Getting To Know Your Appliance; Control Panel; Appliance Interior; Water Softening System/Special Salt - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


Table of Contents
Getting to know your
n g
G e t t i
t o k n o w
Diagrams of the control panel
and the interior of the appliance can be
found in the envelope at the front.
Individual positions are referred
to in the text.

Control panel

( ON/OFF switch
0 Programme selector
8 START button
@ Timer programming *
H Additional options **
P Rinse aid refill indicator
X Salt refill indicator
` Display "Check water supply"
h Dry display
)" Cleaning display
* depending on model
** Number depending on model

Appliance interior

1" Spray arm
1* Filters
12 Dispenser for special salt
1: Cutlery basket
1B Basket
1J Dispenser for rinse aid
1R Detergent dispenser
1Z Lock for detergent dispenser
1b Rating plate
y o u r
a p p l i a n c

Getting to know your appliance

Water softening
system/Special salt
W a t e r
n g
s o f t e n i
To ensure good washing results,
the dishwasher requires soft water, i.e.
containing low amounts of lime,
otherwise white limescale will be
deposited on the utensils and inner
Tap water above a specific
degree of water hardness must be
softened, i.e. descaled,
for use in a dishwasher. Water
is softened with special salt in the water
softening system of the dishwasher.
The setting and therefore the required
amount of salt
depends on the degree of hardness of
your tap water (see table).
a l
s y s t e m / S p e c i
s a l t


Table of Contents

Table of Contents