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Detergents With Salt Component; Softening System; Rinse Aid - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


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As soon as the salt refill indicator X
on the fascia is lit, top up the salt.
* depending on model
Using detergents with salt
D e t e r g e n t s w i t h s a l t c o m p o n e n t
If combined detergents with a salt
component are used, salt can usually be
omitted up to a water hardness of
21° dH (37° fH, 26° Clarke, 3.7 mmol/
l). If the water hardness is over 21° dH,
special salt must be used.
S witching off salt refill
S w i t c h i n g o f f w a t e r s o f t e n i n g s y s t e m
indicator/water softening
If the salt refill indicator X is impaired
(e.g. when using combined detergents
containing salt component), it can be
switched off.
Proceed as described under
"Adjusting the water softening
system" and select setting 0.
The water softening system and salt
refill indicator are now switched off.
Never fill the salt dispenser with
detergent. You will destroy the water

softening system.

Rinse aid

R i n s e
As soon as the rinse-aid refill
indicator P is lit on the fascia, there
is still a rinse-aid reserve of 1-2 rinsing
processes. Refill with rinse aid.
The rinse aid is required for stain-free
utensils and clear glasses. Use only
rinse aid for domestic dishwashers.
Combined detergents with rinse-aid
component may be used up to a water
hardness of 21° dH (37° fH,
26° Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l) only. If
the water hardness is over 21° dH,
rinse aid must be used.
1. Open the dispenser 1J by pressing
and lifting the plate on the cover.
Rinse aid
a i d


Table of Contents

Table of Contents