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Installation; Waste-Water Connection; Drinking Water Connection; Electrical Connection - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


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The required installation dimensions can
be found in the installation instructions.
Level the appliance. Ensure that the
appliance is situated securely on the
The appliance can easily be
installed in a fitted kitchen between
wooden and plastic walls.

Waste-water connection

1. The required work sequence can be
found in the installation instructions.
If required, fit a siphon with an
drainage connection.
2. Connect the waste-water hose to the
drainage connection of the siphon
with the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the drainage hose is not
kinked, crushed or twisted and that
there is no cover plate in the
drainage to prevent the waste water
from flowing out!
Installation and connection

Drinking water connection

1. Fasten the drinking water connection
to the tap according
to the installation instructions using
the enclosed parts.
Ensure that the drinking water
connection is not kinked, crushed
or twisted.
2. When replacing the appliance,
always use a new water supply hose.
Water pressure:
At least 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar), maximum
1 MPa (10 bar). At a higher water
pressure: connect pressure-reducing
valve ahead.
Inlet rate:
Minimum 10 litres/minute
Water temperature:
Max. temperature 25 °C

Electrical connection

Connect the appliance to an
alternating current only, ranging from
220 V to 240 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz
via a correctly installed socket with
protective earth conductor. See
rating plate for required fusing 1b.
The socket must be near
the appliance and freely accessible
following installation.
If the plug is not freely accessible, an
allpole disconnector with a contact
opening of at least 3 mm must be
fitted on the installation side
to satisfy the relevant safety


Table of Contents

Table of Contents