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Combination Detergent - Siemens SK Series Operating Instruction


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Combination detergent

Apart from conventional detergents
(Solo), a number of products are offered
with additional functions. These
products contain not only the detergent
but also rinse-aid and salt replacement
substances (3in1) and, depending
on the combination (4in1, 5in1, etc.),
additional components such as glass
protection or stainless steel cleaner.
Combination detergents function only
up to a specific degree of hardness
(usually 26° Clarke). Over this limit salt
and rinse-aid must be added.
As soon as combined detergents
are used, the rinse programme
is adjusted automatically to ensure
the best possible rinsing and drying
You will obtain optimum rinsing
and drying results by using solo
detergents and applying salt and
rinse aid separately.
If programmes are short, tablets
may not have full cleaning effect
due to different dissolving properties
and there may even be undissolved
detergent residue. It is
recommended to use washing
powder for these programmes.
Even if the rinse-aid and/or salt refill
indicator is lit, the rinse programme
will run correctly with combined
If using detergents in a water-soluble
protective cover: Take hold of the
cover with dry hands only and put
the detergent into an absolutely
dry detergent dispenser only,
otherwise the detergent may stick.
If you switch from combined
detergents to solo detergents,
ensure that the water softening
system and amount of rinse aid have
been set to the correct value.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents