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Xerox Versant 80 Press Installation Manual

Xerox versant 80 press with xerox freeflow print server
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Version 1.2
October 20
, 2015
Xerox Versant 80 Press
Customer Expectation & Installation
Xerox Versant 80 Press with
FreeFlow Print Server



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox Versant 80 Press

  • Page 1 Version 1.2 October 20 , 2015 Xerox Versant 80 Press Customer Expectation & Installation Guide Xerox Versant 80 Press with Xerox ® FreeFlow Print Server...
  • Page 2 ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Document Version: 1.0 (July 2015). Customer Expectation & Installation Guide...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Product Overview ....................................... 1     Introduction......................................  1   Productivity  ......................................  1   Cost Control ......................................  1   System/Product Configuration ................................  1   Options .......................................  2 Detailed Specifications ....................................5     Product Specifications ....................................  5   System Specifications ..................................  5   Device Specifications ..................................  6   Operating Environment .................................. ...
  • Page 4 Versant 80 Press   Main Components  ....................................  3 7   Press Components (Base Configuration) ............................  3 7   Optional Feeding / Finishing ................................  3 7   Print Server .......................................  3 7   Module Dimensions and Weights ................................  3 7   Dimension and Weights for the Press ..............................  3 7   Dimensions and Weights for Optional Devices  ..........................  3 7   Dimensions and Weights for the FreeFlow Server ...........................  3 8  ...
  • Page 5: Product Overview

    Installation planning information is provided later in this document and contains specifications and guidelines for installing your press. Specifications and data in this document include Xerox and customer proprietary information. The customer will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the document, will not disclose its contents to third parties, and should only circulate it within the organization on a need-to-know basis.
  • Page 6: Options

    Versant 80 Press Base Configuration Feeding Press with three main trays and control panel with touch screen Output (Not shown) Choice of Finishing Options Print Server (Not shown) Choice of Print Server Options Multi-sheet Inserter (MSI  Tray is also referred to as Tray 5 / Bypass ...
  • Page 7 Versant 80 Press Finishing Options IMPORTANT: Refer to Configuration Dependencies for information on configuration requirements for the finishing devices. High Capacity Stacker (HCS) The HCS is designed for long production runs:  Top tray has a maximum 500 sheet capacity ...
  • Page 8 Versant 80 Press Configuration Dependencies The following dependencies are required for all or certain configurations: Interface Module The Interface Module is required with any system configuration that has one or more finishing devices, except the OCT or either BR Finishers.
  • Page 9: Detailed Specifications

    Product Specifications All references to media capacity are based on the Xerox Centerline Paper. Centerline Paper identifies the stock at the middle of the range of stocks that will deliver optimum performance for a given characteristic. Other paper weights and brands may alter performance (for example, paper tray capacities).
  • Page 10: Device Specifications

    The TKORU program will provide supplies, documentation, and Technical Key Operator training, which will be scheduled with the Xerox Customer Service Engineer at, or shortly after, installation. Following the initial TKORU training, if the customer requires additional people to be trained it may be chargeable or the service pricing maybe adjusted. If the customer fails to perform the TKORU maintenance tasks, the service entity will be able to charge the customer for the service labor performing these tasks.
  • Page 11: Electrical Requirements

    Versant 80 Press Electrical Requirements Electrical Xerox Versant ® 80 Press Press North America Receptacle: 208–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, NEMA 6-20R Europe: receptacle that mates to the PCE Shark 023-6 plug (shown below) 220 – 240 VAC, 50Hz Additional electrical required for print server, Nema 5-15R or 5-20R feeding / finishing devices.
  • Page 12  Advanced HCF: 52 – 300 gsm: +/- 1.0 mm paper, Xerox recommends that you use SIQA to create custom media profiles. Note that custom cut media may adversely impact registration performance.
  • Page 13: Device Management

    Variable Information Solutions  XMPie®  Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite  Other industry partners Automation  Xerox® FreeFlow® Core  Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution for Booklets  Xerox® IntegratedPLUS automated Color Management Remote Services Xerox ® Connect Advantage Services ...
  • Page 14 Versant 80 Press Paper Feed Length Press Speed (ppm) Press Speed from Bypass Tray 5 (ppm) Media Size Media Type / Weight Feed Simplex Duplex Simplex Duplex Direction* (in / mm) (in/ mm) (110 lb. Cover- 130 lb. Cover) 8.5x14 in / B4 11.71 / 298.1...
  • Page 15: Tray Switching And Mixed Media Test Results

    Press Productivity Modes The Xerox New 80 Press allows the user to select from 2 Productivity Modes that impact the print speed of mixed media jobs. Descriptions of these modes and test results are cited below. Note – test results refer to Versant 80 speeds without the Performance Package.
  • Page 16: Printer Server / Controller

    Surge Protection Xerox recommends using a surge protector with the Print Server that is rated at the line current. For example, with a 60 Hz FreeFlow Print Server installation, one 15 Amp surge protector is required for the monitor and print server.
  • Page 17: Specifications

    Xerox is committed to helping the customer keep the print server secure and compliant with the latest security requirements. This is managed via a Security Audit Process.
  • Page 18 System Problem Action Report (SPAR) releases. SPAR updates will be installed on your FreeFlow Print Serve by Xerox Service. Please contact you Support Analyst or the Xerox Welcome Center for information on the applicability and availability of security patches. The system cannot be patched or updated while operating/printing.
  • Page 19  Jobs that have been RIPped (Fast Reprint Format (FRF)  IPDS Intelligent Print Data Stream, license required  Xerox Variable-data Intelligent PostScript Printware (VIPP), license required  Personalized Print Markup Language (PPML)Version 2.2 Graphic Arts subset  Jobs submitted from Xerox FreeFlow Workflow Offerings ...
  • Page 20 Feature Description Comments Common User  An easy-to-use User Interface (GUI) that is Common across Xerox engines running FreeFlow print Interface Server 9.0 customizable to meet the clients most common actions Pantoe & Pantone  The FreeFlow Print Server and the print engine is a...
  • Page 21 Variable Code. It is advisable to test a file prior to gain an understanding of any possible issues in the workflow. A Xerox Analyst can help in the process and there is always opportunity for a customer to correct and develop an efficient workflow to gain the best throughput.
  • Page 22 It is used by a variety of print servers that drive APA page printer. Generally, these printers are at the medium to high-end of the print speed and volume spectrum. To keep versions concurrent, IPDS is now part of a single disk Xerox FreeFlow installation. Network Specifications The FreeFlow Print Servers use the following protocols and frame types: ...
  • Page 23 Versant 80 Press FreeFlow Print Server Software Limitations Print Server  In this release the banner pages are printed at the end of the job.  Up to a 30 second delay may occur between the first page(s) in a cycle up being black only and a color page.
  • Page 24: Responsibility Matrix

    A customer can purchase professional consulting hours to have a systems analyst assist in planning and implementing these activities. The Xerox Versant® 80 Press is delivered and installed by Carriers. The carrier unpacks, installs the hardware, connects the print server to the press, and prints a job from the sample jobs folder.
  • Page 25: Finishing Specifications

    Versant 80 Press Plain, uncoated, coated, transparencies, heavyweight, predrilled, hole punched, labels, letterhead Supported Media Types 1 Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder (OHCF) Capacity 2,000 sheets (using Centerline Paper) Sizes Min: 7.2 x 8.3 in (182 x 210 mm), w/postcard kit 4 x 6 in (100 x 148 mm) Max: 13 x 19.2 in (330 x 488 mm)
  • Page 26 Versant 80 Press GBC AdvancedPunch Pro  GBC AdvancedPunch Pro does not work in conjunction with C/Z-fold or Standard Finisher punch, staple, or booklet AdvancedPunch making Pro Limitations  Hole punch position from edge of paper is user adjustable using the AdvancedPunch Pro LCD User Interface ...
  • Page 27: High Capacity Stacker (Hcs)

    Versant 80 Press GBC AdvancedPunch Pro Punch Dies High Capacity Stacker (HCS) The HCS is designed for long production runs.  Up to 5,000 sheets offsetting output stack tray with movable cart to move to off line finishing.  500 sheet top tray ...
  • Page 28: Standard Finisher

    Versant 80 Press High Capacity Stacker (HCS) Tray Feature Specification (with centerline paper) Specifications Stacker Tray Capacity 5,000 sheets Top Tray Capacity 500 sheets Maximum Stack Weight 70KG (154 lb.) Maximum Paper Size 330 mm x 488 mm (13 x 19.2 in) Power requirement Refer to Electrical Requirements for Optional Devices for information.
  • Page 29 Versant 80 Press Stacker Tray Standard Finisher Stacker Tray Capacity by weight and paper finish Paper type and weight Paper Size B5 / A4 / B4 / A3 / 12 x 18 in* SRA3* 13 x 19.2 in* 182 x 257 8.5 x 11 in...
  • Page 30 Versant 80 Press Hole Punch Capacity by weight and paper finish Paper type and weight Paper Size A4 / 8.5 x 11 in B4 / 8.5 x 14 in A3 / 11 x 17 in Uncoated 52-220 gsm Applicable Applicable...
  • Page 31: C-Z Folder

    Versant 80 Press C-Z Folder The C/Z Folder is available with these finishing devices:  Standard Finisher  Booklet Maker Finisher  Standard Finisher Plus C/Z Folder The C/Z Folder unit produces Tri-C fold, Z-fold, and Z-Fold half-sheet.  The C/Z folding tray accommodates 30 sheets of up to 24 lb. (64-90 gsm) uncoated media ...
  • Page 32  Plockmatic Pro 35/50 Booklet Maker  GBC E-Bind. Specifications and expectations for these devices are available in a Solutions Planning Guide which is available from your Xerox sales representative or analyst. For information related to the Standard Finisher Plus, refer to Module Dimensions for Optional Devices.
  • Page 33 Versant 80 Press Top Tray NOTE: These specifications are the same as the Standard Finisher. Standard Finisher Plus Top Tray Capacity by weight and paper finish Paper type and weight Paper Size Post Card A4 / B4 / A3 /...
  • Page 34: Business Ready Finisher (Br Finisher)

    Versant 80 Press Standard Finisher Plus Staple Tray Capacity by weight and paper finish Paper type and weight Paper Size B5 / 7.25 x 10.5 in A4 / 8.5 x 11 in B4 / 8.5 x 14 in A3 / 11 x 17 in...
  • Page 35: Business Ready Booklet Maker Finisher (Br Booklet Marker Finisher)

    Versant 80 Press Business Ready Finisher (BR Finisher) BR Finisher Feature Specification (with centerline paper) Specifications Top Tray Capacity 500 sheets of 8.5”x11” / A4, 20lb bond / 80 gsm uncoated paper. Accommodates up to 13”x19”/SRA3 size at 64-350 gsm.
  • Page 36: 2-Knife Trimmer Module

     Paper from all trays is printed topside first. It is recommended that Xerox branded paper be loaded with ream wrapper seam-side up.  Manufacturers of coated stock do not recommend use of their media when the ambient relative humidity exceeds 60%. Relative humidity greater than 40% may increase the misfeed rate from Trays 1, 2, 3 and 5 (Bypass).
  • Page 37 (i.e. Short Grain). Transparencies  For optimum system performance and image projection, use Xerox removable stripe transparency materials. These premium transparencies are specifically designed to provide optimum print quality. Use of other transparencies may cause machine damage and result in excessive service calls.
  • Page 38: Maintenance And Support

    The optional Performance Package for the Versant® 80 includes an Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS) and the Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS). The ACQS suite is available on the Xerox EX Print Server Powered by Fiery. These tools can be used to perform automated DFE calibration and custom profiling.
  • Page 39: Siqa

    Supplies and Consumables Xerox supplies for your machine, including paper and CRUs, can be ordered from Xerox by going to and clicking on either the Contact link for specific contact information/telephone numbers in your area or by clicking on the Supplies link and entering/selecting your specific machine information (product family and model type).
  • Page 40: Recommended Supplies

    Press is delivered with an initial supply of Toner and all CRUs: Drum Cartridges, Waste Toner Container, and Staples (if applicable). To order additional supplies or media (throughput materials), contact the Xerox Supplies Marketing Center or your local sales and service team for information.
  • Page 41: Installation Planning

    Installation Planning Main Components Press Components (Base Configuration) The press base configuration is delivered with the following components: 1. Press 2. MSI 3. User interface Optional Feeding / Finishing Refer to Options. Print Server FreeFlow Print Server Module Dimensions and Weights NOTE: The dimensions listed in the following tables are provided to assist in the installation of the press and should not be used Space Requirements / Service Space Envelope...
  • Page 42: Dimensions And Weights For The Freeflow Server

    Versant 80 Press Module Name Width Depth Height Weight BR Booklet Finisher 21.5 in / 542 mm 25 in / 635 mm 39.5 in / 1002 mm 133 lb / 60 kg Interface Module 13.5 in / 323 mm 28.5 in / 724 mm 39 in / 990.6mm...
  • Page 43: Service / Operational Space Chart

    Versant 80 Press  HCF+Press+BR finisher  OHCF+Press+BR Finisher  Advanced HCF+Press+BR Finisher  MSI+Press+IFM+Standard Finisher (with or without C/Z folder)  MSI+Press+ Booklet Maker Finisher (with or without C/Z folder)  HCF+Press+Standard Finisher (with or without C/Z folder) ...
  • Page 44 Versant 80 Press Configuration Width Depth PRESS + IFM + HCS + Booklet Finisher + SFT 217 in / 5495 mm 109 in / 2768.4 PRESS + IFM + HCS + Booklet Finisher + SFT + 2-Knife Trimmer 276 in / 6995 mm 109 in / 2768.4...
  • Page 45 Versant 80 Press Configuration Width Depth HCF +PRESS + IFM + HCS + Booklet Finisher + SFT + 2-Knife Trimmer 292 in / 7384 mm 109 in / 2768.4 HCF +PRESS + IFM + HCS + Standard Finisher Plus 214 in / 5403 mm 109 in / 2768.4...
  • Page 46: Floor Information

    Versant 80 Press Configuration Width Depth OHCF/ADVANCED HCF + PRESS + IFM + HCS + Standard Finisher Plus 215 in / 5456 mm 109 in / 2768.4 OHCF/ADVANCED HCF + PRESS + IFM + HCS + Standard Finisher w/C/Z Folder 211 in / 5352 mm 109 in / 2768.4...
  • Page 47: Mobility Plate Kit

    Versant 80 Press Mobility Plate Kit Kit part number 497K 05270 and includes the following contents:  1 Plate  4 Bracket assemblies  8 Nuts  1 set of kit instructions Each plate is:  19.68 in/500 mm (width) x 29.52 in/750 mm (depth) ...
  • Page 48: Electrical Requirements

    Versant 80 Press Electrical Requirements All machine optional accessories and print servers should be placed within 6 feet (3 meters) of wall outlets. Ensure that there are enough wall outlets available for optional accessories and the print server. Press Electrical Requirements Electrical requirements must be satisfied prior to equipment delivery.
  • Page 49: Electrical Requirements For The Print Servers

    Versant 80 Press Item 1-Tray OHCF / Advanced HCF Current/run power 3 amps/65 watts Voltage (VAC) 1-Tray OHCF – 100-120V 2.5A, 220-240V 1.5A Advanced HCF – 100-120V 5A, 220-240V 3A Power cord 8.2 feet/2.5 meters length Receptacle NEMA part number...
  • Page 50: Determining The Amp/Circuit Requirements

    Electrical Installation Considerations Press Electrical Considerations  Ground Fault Protection is provided which meets Xerox internal safety requirements and exceeds the Industry Standards for Information Technology Equipment.  The electrical outlet must be located within 6 feet (1.83 m) to the right of the right rear corner of the main processor, or no more than 3 feet (0.914 m) to the left of the left rear corner of the main processor (when facing the equipment)
  • Page 51: Electrical Considerations For Optional Devices

    Versant 80 Press Electrical Considerations for Optional Devices  Electrical requirements and space requirements must be satisfied prior to equipment delivery.  Optional accessories should be placed within 6 feet (1.83 meters) of wall outlets.  Most optional devices have their own power cord and must be plugged into an outlet separate from the print engine. Ensure that there are enough wall outlets for each required accessory.
  • Page 52: Other Installation Considerations

     Physical delivery of the press and print server will be by a Xerox authorized Carrier. The carrier will install and perform a functional check of the press. The carrier will review the software/documentation with the customer. For the press the customer is responsible for connecting and configuring the equipment on their network.
  • Page 53: Customer Site Survey

    Customer Interview and Physical Site Checklist After the order for a Xerox press has been placed, the Analyst, Customer Trainer, or designated Xerox person in the district must visit the customer site to complete a physical site check. Arrange for a meeting with the decision maker at the site and explain that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the site is ready for the delivery and installation of the equipment.
  • Page 54: Customer Site Description

    Versant 80 Press Follow-up Visit the site and verify that all requirements have been met. If the site is not ready, attempt to resolve any readiness conflicts. Perform ongoing site check updates until the site is ready.   When the site is ready, begin the installation process used in the district. Ensure that any optional letters of agreement concerning space requirements are processed properly in the district.
  • Page 55   WARNING: The Xerox press should never be up-ended or serious damage will result. Elevator Requirements Elevator Weight Requirements An elevator capacity of 1200 lb. (545 kg) or more is required to move the print engine and print server for an installation. If the elevator capacity is not adequate, options may exist for elevator modifications.
  • Page 56: Site Preparation Checklist

    Is the date prior to machine installation? Site Preparation Checklist The following checklist provides a list of tasks that the customer and the Xerox/Partner personnel should complete in order to ensure a successful installation. When both the customer and Xerox/Partner tasks are completed, the Xerox/Partner personnel should send notification to the carrier.
  • Page 57: Operational Considerations

    Prints may exhibit random white spots caused by paper dust, stray developer beads, or other particles. You can reduce the occurrence of white spots by using Xerox approved paper. If you are cutting your own paper, ensure that cut edges are dust free, and keep the machine in a clean and dust/dirt reduced environment.
  • Page 58: Factors Affecting Productivity And Rated Print Speed

    Versant 80 Press between pages as they are printed, allowing them more time to cool down. Print speed will be slightly reduced as a result. Note that this condition may be more likely when printing to the OCT or BR finisher.
  • Page 59: Customer Expectations Agreement

    Inform/show customer where to find and download a complete set of customer documentation online at Primary Customer Applications: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Special considerations or performance limitations identified by Xerox/Partner and agreed to by the customer: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upending and/or Stair Climbing Required and Reviewed: Not Required...
  • Page 60 Xerox/Partner Analyst Representative Xerox/Partner Service Representative I have viewed a representative output sample from the Xerox Versant® 80 Press and the image quality is acceptable for the needs of my organization: (Signature required if Xerox Versant® 80 Press is included with Order) Customer Customer Expectation &...