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Xerox Versant 80 Press Safety Manual

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Version 1.0
February 2015
80 Press

Safety Guide


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Xerox Versant 80 Press

  • Page 1: Safety Guide

    Version 1.0 February 2015 ® ® Xerox Versant 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 2 ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox ® , Xerox and Design ® and Versant ® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. ® ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks of the United States government. BR10019...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ENERGY STAR® (USA only).....................3-1 Ozone Information......................3-2 Product recycling and equipment end-of-life disposal..........3-2 Removal........................3-2 USA and Canada....................3-2 Perchlorate material.................3-3 European union.......................3-3 Equipment used in a domestic/household environment..................3-3 Equipment used in a professional/business environment..................3-3 Battery statement..................3-4 Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 4 Information on disposal in other countries outside the European Union...................3-5 Turkey RoHS Regulation....................3-5 Additional Information......................3-5 4 Illegal in the USA and Canada............4-1 Copy Regulations - United States..................4-1 Copy Regulations - Canada....................4-3 Copy Regulations - Other Countries................4-3 Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 5: Notices And Certifications

    Laser Warning This symbol indicates a Laser is being used in the equipment and alerts the user to refer to the appropriate safety information. Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press...
  • Page 6: Radio Frequency Emissions

    Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his/her own expense. Changes or modifications to this equipment not specifically approved by the Xerox Corporation may void the user s authority to operate this equipment.
  • Page 7: Certifications In Europe

    EN60950-1: 2006 (2nd Edition) +A11: 2009 + A1: 2010 +A12: 2011 (CB Scheme) Certifications in Europe The CE marking that is applied to this product symbolize the Xerox declaration of conformity with the following applicable Directives of the European Union as of the dates indicated: December 12, 2006: Council Directive 2006/95/EC as amended.
  • Page 8: Compliance With Eu Flicker Standard En 61000-3-11:2000

    Compliance with EU flicker standard EN 61000-3-11:2000 “Equipment complying with EN 61000-3-11:2000” This equipment is suitable for use only in premises having a service current capacity equal to or greater than 100 Amps per phase. Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press...
  • Page 9: Safety Information

    Safety Information This Xerox product and the recommended supplies are designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These include safety agency approval and compliance to established environmental standards. Please read the following instructions carefully before operating the product, and refer to them as needed to ensure the continued safe operation of your product.
  • Page 10: Europe (Eu)

    This product contains laser warning labels. These labels are intended for use by the Xerox Service Representative and are placed on or near panels or shields that require special tools for removal.
  • Page 11: Emergency Power Off

    Emergency power off If any of the following conditions occur, immediately switch off the power to the machine and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. Call an authorized Xerox service representative to correct the problem. • The machine emits unusual noises or odors.
  • Page 12: Operational Safety

    Safety Information Operational safety Your Xerox equipment and supplies were designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with established environmental standards. Your attention to the following safety guidelines will help ensure the continued safe operation of your machine: •...
  • Page 13: Consumable Information

    Do not remove the covers or guards that are fastened with screws. There are no parts behind these covers that you can maintain or service. Note Your Xerox machine is equipped with an energy saving device to conserve power when the machine is not in use. The machine may be left on continuously. Hot Warning The metallic surfaces in the fuser area are hot.
  • Page 14 Safety Information Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 15: Environmental Information

    Xerox ENERGY STAR equipment is preset at the factory. Your machine will be delivered with the timer for switching to Power/Energy Save Mode from the last copy/print out, set at 1 minute for low power mode and 1 minute for sleep mode.
  • Page 16: Ozone Information

    Environmental Information This Xerox machine has not been tested to the latest ENERGY STAR requirements as of the date of this publication. Please refer to updates. Ozone Information This product produces ozone during normal operation. The ozone is heavier than air, and the quantity is dependent on print volume.
  • Page 17: Perchlorate Material

    Please ask your retailer for information. Equipment used in a professional/business environment Application of this symbol on your equipment is confirmation that you must dispose of this equipment in compliance with agreed national procedures. Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press...
  • Page 18: Battery Statement

    Environmental Information In accordance with European legislation end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment subject to disposal must be managed within agreed procedures. Prior to disposal, contact your local dealer or Xerox representative for end-of-life take-back information. Battery statement These symbols on the products, and/or accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and batteries should not be mixed with general household waste.
  • Page 19: For Business Users In The European Union

    “In compliance with Article 7(d) we hereby certify that this product is in compliance with the EEE Regulation, EEE yönetmeliğine uygundur” Additional Information For more information on Environment, Health, and Safety in relation to this Xerox product and supplies, please contact the following customer help lines: USA: 1-800-ASK-XEROX...
  • Page 20 Environmental Information Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 21: Illegal In The Usa And Canada

    - Bonds and Obligations of certain agencies of the government such as FHA, etc. - Bonds (U.S. Savings Bonds may be photographed only for publicity purposes in connection with the campaign for the sale of such bonds) Xerox ® Versant ®...
  • Page 22 Federal Departments such as FBI, Treasure, etc. (unless photograph is ordered by the head of such department or bureau.) Reproducing the following is also prohibited in certain states: - Automobile Licenses - Driver Licenses - Automobile Certificates of Title Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 23: Copy Regulations - Canada

    • Currency notes • Bank notes and cheques • Bank and government bonds and securities • Passports and identification cards Xerox ® Versant ® 80 Press Safety Guide...
  • Page 24 • Copyright material or trademarks without the consent of the owner • Postage stamps and other negotiable instruments This list is not inclusive and no liability is assumed for either its completeness or accuracy. In case of doubt, contact your legal counsel. Xerox ® Versant ®...