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Installing Network; Checking Before Using A Wireless Router; Connecting Network; Connecting The Wireless Ip Router With An Air Conditioner - Samsung MIM-H02 User & Installation Manual

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Installing network

[Connecting Network]

Connect the wireless IP router to an air conditioner .

Checking before using a wireless router

❋ This Wi-Fi Aircon support only below three encryption .
- Open (No encryption), WPA/TKIP, WPA2/AES
f For Wi-Fi Aircon installation, select indoor unit location near to wireless router . In case Wi-Fi signal strength is weakened,
Smart App . may be disconnected depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength .
f Smart-Phone should be in the Wi-Fi signal zone to use Smart App .
f For Mobile broadband internet access, Smart App . can be used when Mobile Broadband Dongle is activated to use Wi-Fi .
f This product supports only DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) . If users use an existing wireless router, the
DHCP server option function should be activated .
f Select a channel for the wireless router that is not currently being used .
f If a wireless router is connected by other than the above modes, the router may not be connected with the air
conditioner or may not work . To use 802 . 1 1n, using WPA2/AES is recommended .
f The quality of wireless network connection can be affected by the surrounding wireless environment .
f If an internet service provider has permanently registered the users PC or MAC address (a unique identifying number),
the air conditioner might not be connected to internet . When appliances other than a PC are to be connected to Internet,
ask your ISP (Internet service provider) about the procedures required to connect to the internet .
f If your internet service provider requires an ID or a password to connect to the internet, your air conditioner may not be
able to connect to the internet . If this is the case, you must enter your ID or password when connecting to the internet .
f The internet connection may fail because of a firewall problem . If this is the case, contact your internet service provider .
f If you cannot connect to the internet even after you have followed the procedures of your internet service provider,
please contact a samsung service center .
Connecting network

Connecting the wireless IP router with an air conditioner

f For wireless router installation, refer to the user manual of the
corresponding router .
f Samsung smart air conditioner supports the communication protocols
of IEEE802 . 1 1 b/g/n(2 . 4 Ghz) .
f For wireless router installation, refer to the user manual of each
manufacturing company .
Samsung does not provide customers with the wireless router manual .
f Uncertified router may not be able to connect with an air conditioner .
f When the wireless router is not connected to internet, 'Out-of-home'
control will not be available and reserve function will also not work
properly with 'In-home' control .
f Certified router has the logo of below on the package or user manual .
CAC WiFi Kit APP_03384A(1).indd 12
[Registering service]
Access the http: //global . s amsungsmartappliance .
com and register the service .
(The router that supports DHCP server . )
Wall LAN terminal
Wireless router
LAN cable
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