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Operating The Camera; Controlling Via The Control Panel - Sony SNT-EX101 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Control bar
The following operation buttons are available.
You can set the streaming method, image size,
frame rate, PTZ operation mode, trigger selection
and image codec.
Streaming start button
Starts streaming. (Appears while stops streaming.)
Streaming stop button
Stops streaming. (Appears while streaming.)
Trigger run button
Runs the selected trigger.
(Displayed only when Viewer mode from User
menu (page 58) is set to Full, and one or more
triggers are enabled in the Trigger menu (page 80).)
Select a preset position to move the camera to the
registered preset position.
(Displayed only when a camera preset position is
Save still image button
Captures still images taken by the camera and saves
them to the computer.
Audio output volume slider
Use the slider to adjust the volume. Clicking the
button will stop sound output.
(Displayed only when ActiveX is set for
Streaming method in Setting, and Audio codec
in the Camera Menu (page 37) is set to On.)
Control waiting time and control time for exclusive
Exclusive control button
Camera list
The camera list is displayed when Camera list is set to
On in the viewer menu (page 92), and at least one
camera is registered in the unit list.

Operating the Camera

Operating the Camera
You can control pan/tilt, zoom and focus.
• This operation is not available on the SNT-EP104 or
• To operate, make sure the connected camera is
configured correctly.

Controlling via the control panel

You can operate the camera direction, zoom, and focus
by using the control panel for the monitor image
currently displayed.
Pan/Tilt control
Click the arrow button in the direction in which you
want to move the camera. Keep it pressed to move the
camera continuously.
Zoom control
to zoom out, and click
Zooming continues while the button remains pressed.
Focus control
To focus on a nearby object, click
distant object, click
By clicking
optimum position.
To control the focus manually, set Focus mode of the
Camera menu to Manual (page 37).
to zoom in.
. To focus on a
, the focus is set to the


Table of Contents

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