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Common Tab - Setting The Image Memory Function - Sony SNT-EX101 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Common Tab — Setting the image
memory function
Image memory
To use the image memory function, select On.
Selected root directory
Select a memory in which you want to save an image.
The current memory space is displayed on the right.
Built-in memory: Built-in memory of this unit
USB memory: USB memory inserted into the unit
• The image and audio files recorded in the built-in
memory are deleted when the Selected root directory
setting is changed.
• When Selected root directory is set to an option other
than Built-in memory, "empty" is displayed in the
memory space box and you cannot access the built-in
• The USB memory option is not available on the
SNT-EP104, SNT-EX154 and SNT-EP154.
Select On to overwrite the file when there is insufficient
memory space to record the image in the built-in
memory or USB memory.
On: Overwrite is enabled and old files will be
overwritten in the order of date.
Off: Overwrite is prohibited. No recording will be
Capacity warning
Select On to send a warning mail to the Administrator
when the memory space of the built-in memory or CF
memory card is low or the memory is full. Select Off if
you do not want to send a warning mail.
On: A warning mail is sent to the Administrator.
Off: A warning mail is not sent to the Administrator.
When Overwrite is set to On, a warning mail is not sent
to the Administrator.
SMTP server name
Type the name of the SMTP server for sending an e-
mail, using up to 64 characters.
Otherwise type the IP address of the SMTP mail server.
SMTP port number
Select the textbox and enter a port number from 25 to
To use the encryption function by TLS, select On.
TLS is not featured in the models to Chinese markets.
To use the encryption function by STARTTLS, select
STARTTLS is not featured in the models to Chinese
Select whether authentication is required when you send
an e-mail.
Off: No authentication is required when an e-mail is
On: Authentication is required when an e-mail is sent.
Select one of the authentication methods from the
following and specify the POP server name, User
name and Password as required.
SMTP: SMTP authentication is required.
POP before SMTP: POP before SMTP
authentication is required.
When you set Authentication to On, be sure to select
either or both SMTP or/and POP before SMTP.
POP mode
Select POP3 or APOP (encrypted authentication).
APOP is not featured in the models to Chinese markets.
Waiting time after POP authentication
Set the timeout duration. Timeout duration can be set
from 1 to 10000 msec.
Recording Images in Memory — Image memory Menu


Table of Contents

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