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Motorola Vanguard 305 User Manual: If Your Remote Control Cannot Find A Working Three-digit Code In The Tables (scanning)

Digital satellite receiver.
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sure to do this accurately and without a long delay. If programming the AUX
key for a satellite receiver use one of the following SAT codes: 000, 001, 002,
or 003.
If the remote control "accepts" the code, you will see several rapid flashes of
the light. If it does not flash, repeat steps 4, 5 and 6. After the remote control
accepts the code, press the POWER key on the remote control to make sure
the remote control is able to turn your component off. This means it is
functioning properly.
If your component does not respond to the remote control POWER key, even
though it has "accepted" the manufacturer's code, repeat steps 4, 5, and 6
using the second three-digit code from the table. If this does not work, try the
third code, etc., until the remote control accepts the code and your component
responds to the remote control POWER key.
NOTE: Some cable box brands are also programmable using these instructions.
Check the table that appears later in this section for applicable cable box brands
and codes. You will press the TV key to program your cable box. Your remote can
only accept a TV or cable box code for this programming step.
If Your Remote Control Cannot Find a Working Three-
Digit Code in the Tables (Scanning)
If you try to program your remote control using the three-digit codes, and the
remote control does not work correctly, you may be able to find a code that works
by using the "scanning" process.
Turn on the TV or the VCR-depending upon whether you wish to program the
remote control for your TV or for your VCR.
Press the TV key (or VCR key) for at least three seconds or until the LED
The following steps explain how to "scan" through the TV (or VCR) codes
stored in your remote control using the
while the
keys are depressed.
- While pointing the remote control at your TV (or VCR), press the
key to scan upward to the next code. (Use the
previous code.)
- If the transmitted code is the correct one, your TV (or VCR) will turn
off, responding as if its POWER key were pressed.
- If your TV (or VCR) does not respond, depress the
next code. When your TV (or VCR) turns on or off as a result of the
transmitted code, you will know that you have found the correct code.
- When you have found the correct code (power to your TV or VCR is
keys. (The LED will not be lit
key to return to the
key to try the


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