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Motorola Vanguard 305 User Manual: Initial Adjustment To The Lnbf; Initial Adjustment To The Elevation Setting

Digital satellite receiver.
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Initial Adjustment to the LNBF

You will need to mount and make an initial adjustment to the low noise block feed
(LNBF or feedhorn) so that it is in the correct position for the city (or geographic
location) in which you live. Refer to the information supplied with your system.
While you are facing the front of the satellite dish, mount the LNBF in the housing
as indicated in the instructions for your dish. If necessary, loosen the clamp
• As you look at the LNBF, try to think of its position in terms of the hands of a
clock. In particular, try to think of the LNBF's F connector (the point where the
wires attach) as the hour hand pointing to one of the numbers on the face of a
clock. Point the LNBF as indicated in the instructions.
• Once you have correctly pointed the LNBF, tighten the LNBF clamp screw(s),
but don't tighten them completely. You may need to make a slight adjustment
later on.

Initial Adjustment to the Elevation Setting

Now you will need to make an initial adjustment to the elevation setting of the
satellite dish (the distance above the horizon to which it points). Your dish-
mounting bracket may have a scale marker.
• Refer to the information supplied with your system, and set the elevation
which is appropriate for the city in which you live.
• If the information supplied with your system does not list a city within a few
miles of your location, choose the nearest city. Then, determine how far you
are located to the north or south of that city. Since the elevation setting for your
location will change by approximately one degree for every 160.9 km (100
miles) that you are north or south of the equator, you can adjust the satellite
dish elevation in the following way:
- Add one degree for every 160.9km (100 miles) that your location is
farther away from the equator than the listed city.
- Subtract one degree for every 160.9km (100 miles) that your location is
closer to the equator than the listed city.
• Your adjustments must be accurate within one-half of a degree, which can be
as little as 1mm (1 32"). So use great care in adjusting this setting.
• Once you correctly set the elevation setting, tighten the nut(s) just enough to
hold the dish in place.
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