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Motorola Vanguard 305 User Manual Page 76

Digital satellite receiver.
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2. Set Channel Locks. The Set Channel Locks option allows you to lock out
specific channels from viewing. Once a channel is locked out, you must use the
parental control password to view programs on the locked out channel.
• Select option 2 (Set Channel Locks). The Channel Locks menu appears.
The Channel Locks menu displays a list of channel names, numbers, and
buttons. Press the
• Select a highlighted channel (press the ENTER key) to lock it out. A lock
appears on the button. To remove a lock, select a channel that is already locked
(press the ENTER key when it is highlighted).
• Press the GO BACK key to exit this menu. Changes are saved automatically
each time you set a lock.
• When you are channel surfing, the receiver will skip locked out channels. If
you try to directly enter the channel number of the locked-out channel while
channel surfing, the following message will appear: "This channel has been
3. Set General Rating Locks. The Set General Rating Locks option allows you to
lock out programs based on their general rating —PG, R, NC-17, X, etc. Once
you set a general rating limit, you must use the parental control password to view
programs with that rating or a higher rating.
• Select option 3 (Set General Rating Locks). The General Rating Locks
menu appears.
• If you highlight one of the rating boxes on the left side of the menu, a
description of that rating will appear.
• Select a rating to lock out programs matching that rating. All higher ratings
will also be automatically locked out. A Closed Lock icon will appear. If you
select a locked rating, it will be unlocked.
• You may also select No Locks to permit access.
keys to scroll up and down the list of names.


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