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Motorola DCT6200 User Manual

Motorola DCT6200 User Manual

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Time frame recordings ..........Recording capacity ..............Manage recordings ..........Front panel ................PVR listings ............... Rear panel DCT6200 et DCT6412 ......... Calendar ..............Rear panel DCT6416 et DCT3416 ......... PVR cleanup ............. Using the remote ..............PVR history ...............
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important safety instructions Please read this guide thoroughly and follow every recommendation before using the terminal. 1. Location, installation and ventilation 5. Electrical cords safety a) Install the terminal so that its position does not interfere Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched, with its proper ventilation.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Motorola DCT6200, DCT6412, DCT6416, DCT3416 Thank you for choosing a Motorola high definition digital terminal. Models DCT6412, DCT6416 and DCT3416 provide you with digital recording functions along with a double tuner, which makes them some of the most advanced interactive terminals.
  • Page 6: Section 1 - Your New Terminal

    The main panel displays either channel or clock. Here are the indicator lights on the panel: • MSGS – not yet operational • A/B – RF bypass is activated (DCT6200) • ON – terminal is on • REMOTE – remote is currently used •...
  • Page 7: Rear Panel Dct6200 Et Dct6412

    Selects menu options, VOD programs and interactive guide programs. 7. GUIDE Displays TV guide. 8. CHANNEL +/ - Switches channel by going to the next or preceding ones. Rear panel (DCT6200/6412) 5. Video IN 13. Optical 16. RF Out* 2. Ethernet 3.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel Dct6416 Et Dct3416

    6. OUTLET This alternating current outlet may be used as an additional outlet to plug in a television set to the DCT6200/6412. It is not recommended to plug in several devices on this outlet or powerful equipment such as a home theater.
  • Page 9 Section 1 - Your new terminal 9. DVI-D Digital video interface. To connect a HD monitor or television set. Use a DVI/DVI or DVI/HDMI cable according to your TV set, along with RCA sound cables. 10. AUDIO OUT R, AUDIO OUT L RCA-type connectors transmit sound to a stereo receiver.
  • Page 10: Using The Remote

  • Page 11 Section 1 - Your new terminal POWER Press POWER to turn selected source on or off. MODE To select the apparatus the remote will control. The selected apparatus will be active unless another one is selected. SETUP To program the remote (see your remote user guide). EXIT To get back to live TV.
  • Page 12: Remote Control Basic Setup

    Section 1 - Your new terminal STOP , PAUSE, PLAY, REW, RECORD, FFWD Controls VCR, DVD and CD players, as well as live TV and PVR content. LIVE TV Available with PVR terminals only. Jumps to live TV. LIST Displays recorded programs list.
  • Page 13: Rear Panel Connectors

    Section 1 - Your new terminal Rear panel connectors 1. RF Use RF-type cables provided with the digital terminal for basic connection. 2. COMPOSITE Use composite cables with audio and video outputs for an improved quality. 3. S-VIDEO For optimal image quality, use an S-VIDEO-type connector along with two composite sound cables (red and white).
  • Page 14: Terminal Connections

    Section 1 - Your new terminal Terminal connections Here are the available basic connection options. 1) Component cable connection Basic connection for an HD quality image; the most compatible with any television set and terminal. DCT user guide...
  • Page 15 HDMI connector at the other end to connect to television set. RCA cables must be used for sound connection. Input/output vary from one television brand to the other. Here are two sound connection setups compatible with DCT6200 and DCT6412. A) RCA standard...
  • Page 16 Section 1 - Your new terminal B) RCA 3.5 mm. (headphone output) DCT user guide...
  • Page 17: Hdmi Connection

    Section 1 - Your new terminal HDMI connection This connection provides the best HD image and sound quality. HDMI cable connects terminal to the television set and carries image and sound signal. Connection available with DCT3416 and DCT6416 only. DCT user guide...
  • Page 18: Simple Guideline For The Initial Setup Of Your Terminal

    Section 1 - Your new terminal Simple guideline for the initial setup of your terminal Turning power on and off To turn terminal on or off, make sure the remote control is in CABLE mode by pressing CBL, then POWER. The POWER light indicator will light up on the terminal front panel.
  • Page 19: Section 2 - Digital Cable Access

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Diagrams and functions introduced in this section may differ from your terminal. Interactive guide basic navigation tips: • Yellow is the highlighting color. Highlighting shows where you are when navigating through menus with your remote control.
  • Page 20: Info Bar And Quick Guide

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Press INFO to get program information. Currently selected channel Option menu: 1- Back 2- Record 3- View channel 4- Favourite 5- Parental control locks Listings are colour-coded to easily identify all program types: Blue –...
  • Page 21: Quick Menu

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Selected program title Current channel and time Short description of the program Quick menu The Quick menu features short cuts to digital cable service as well as interactive guide main functions. To access Quick menu, press MENU on your remote control.
  • Page 22: Main Menu

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Main menu Main menu gives you access to all digital cable functions. Press MENU on your remote and select available options, such as displaying TV guide by schedule or channel, parental control, favourite channels and pay-per-view. On the Main menu, select Listings by channel and press OK/SELECT to sort through channels.
  • Page 23: Title Search

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Title search 1. Select Title in the search menu. Use keys to select letters and press OK/SELECT; 2. Access the list on the right by pressing the key on your remote; 3. Select your choice with arrows and press OK/SELECT to tune in.
  • Page 24: Code Setup

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Code setup Parental control allows you to limit access to some programs, while Purchase code limits access to pay-per-view movies and events. To set up a code: 1. Select the Guide setup option from the Main menu; 2.
  • Page 25: Parental Control Setup

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Parental control setup Set up locks wherever you are navigating on the guide or while watching TV. 1. Press MENU and select the icon from the quick menu; 2. Enter your 4-digit PIN to lock channels, titles or ratings by following on-screen instructions.
  • Page 26: Restore Locks

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Restore locks 1. Select the Guide setup option from the Main menu; 2. Select Parental control setup; 3. Enter your 4-digit locks PIN; 4. Select NO to ignore or delete locks; 5. Turn off terminal, and turn it back on; 6.
  • Page 27: Guide Reminder

    Section 2 - Digital cable access If no list has yet been created, you can create one by following the suggested steps. 1- If list is empty, press 2- Highlight a channel and press OK/SELECT. The heart symbol will appear next to each favourite item. To delete channels from your favourites list: To delete channels from your favourites list, highlight it and press OK/SELECT.
  • Page 28: Reminder Options

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Reminder options Reminder options allow you to customize the frequency and use of reminders. When setting up reminders, select View reminder settings. 1. Use keys to program recurrent Reminders to pop up once, once a day, once a week or from Monday to Friday; 2.
  • Page 29: Recordings

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Recordings (DCT6412/6416/3416) With your PVR, you can record your favourite shows, rewind or pause live TV. Live TV recording Thanks to its 2 tuners the terminal allows you to simultaneously record live content from 2 channels. These tuners automatically store up 2 hours of standard definition content and half an hour of high definition.
  • Page 30: To Record Tv Program

    Section 2 - Digital cable access To record TV program There are two ways to record a TV program with the interactive guide: 1. One-time recording; 2. Series recording. One-time recording One-touch record allows you to record a single episode or movie selected on the interactive guide (your selection must be made through shows available in the guide schedule).
  • Page 31: Series Recording

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Series recording Series recording allows you to record each broadcast of a series without having to set up the terminal each time. 1. Select the series you want to record from the TV guide; 2.
  • Page 32: Series Recording Features

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Record: This option allows you to decide whether terminal should record every episode or only prime time, hence discarding reruns. WARNING: This option works only with series that have a specific description for each episode on the TV guide. This option is not functional if the series has a single general description for every episodes.
  • Page 33: Manage Recordings

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Manage recordings PVR section provides access to your list of saved recordings, the next two weeks of upcoming recordings as well as series recordings. PVR listings Access your PVR listings through My recordings, from the DVR menu, or press LIST. All recorded content of your hard drive will be listed.
  • Page 34: Pvr History

    3 – DVR clipping: Clips up to 5 minutes from the start of a show to avoid a conflict. VCR recording (DCT6200) From an information screen, highlight the icon from the quick menu and press OK/SELECT. Follow on-screen instructions to confirm or program the VCR recording settings.
  • Page 35: Pay-Per-View

    Section 2 - Digital cable access VCR recording options allow you to adapt recordings frequency and usage. 1. Use keys to program single recordings, once a day, on a daily or weekly basis, or during weekends; 2. Set the recording start (up to 15 minutes before the show begins); 3.
  • Page 36: To Cancel Pay-Per-View Order

    Section 2 - Digital cable access To cancel pay-per-view order To cancel a pay-per-view order before the program starts: 1. Select the program in any of the listings menus (there will be a dollar sign with the description); 2. From the information screen, select BUY and follow the prompts to cancel the order.
  • Page 37: Setup

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Setup From the Setup menu, you can activate and customize certain features such as parental control options, terminal settings, audio and language settings. Guide setup From the main menu, select Setup menu and then Guide setup from the available options. Then, use the arrows to select the following setup options: 1.
  • Page 38: Terminal Setup

    Section 2 - Digital cable access Terminal setup Select Setup from the main menu and press Cable box setup. Front LED display: 1. Select Front LED display from the cable box setup menu; 2. Select Current time or Current channel display; Screen position setup 1.
  • Page 39: Frequently Asked Questions

    Section 3 - Frequently asked Questions Frequently asked Questions Q. Nothing happens when I press the MENU button, but I can still change channels (go to the preceding or next one). A. If your terminal has just been installed, it takes between 15 to 30 minutes for the guide to download. If nothing happens after this delay, unplug the terminal and plug it back in.
  • Page 40: Control Locks

    Section 3 - Frequently asked Questions Control locks Q. In case of a power outage, do I need to reset my parental control and purchase PINs, favourite listings and reminders? A. No. These features will not be lost if the terminal loses power. Q.
  • Page 41 Section 3 - Frequently asked Questions Q. How many tuners does my PVR have? A. Most PVRs have two tuners. This feature allows you to record two channels at the same time while watching a third program from your PVR recordings library. Q.
  • Page 42 Section 3 - Frequently asked Questions Q. Why do recordings sometimes miss the beginning of a program? A. The PVR time switch is synchronized with the show schedule. For instance, if a broadcaster starts a show one minute earlier than scheduled, the PVR will miss that first minute.
  • Page 43 To contact our 24/7 technical support, call 1.866.552.9466 DCT user guide...

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