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Motorola Vanguard 305 User Manual: Assemble And Mount The Satellite Dish

Digital satellite receiver.
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Assemble and Mount the Satellite Dish

It is important to follow all local building and electrical codes and avoid contact
with any power lines, lights, and power circuits when you install the satellite dish.
• Place the satellite dish within 25m (75 ft.) of the receiver if possible.
• Make sure the dish will have a clear line-of-sight to the satellite all year round.
Refer to the information supplied with your system for the elevation and
compass direction.
• Note the location of nearby buildings, fences, trees, and future tree growth that
will interfere with a clear line-of-sight between the satellite dish and satellite.
• Avoid locations exposed to high wind, soot or ashes from a chimney or vent, or
locations where people, vehicles, or animals will jostle the dish.
• Mount the dish on a solid, stable surface if you do not mount it on a metal pole
cemented securely into the ground. The satellite dish must be in a true, upright
position that is perpendicular to the ground in all directions.
• Make sure you have easy, safe, year-round access to the mounting location.
• Make sure to properly ground the dish and coaxial cable.
Assemble and mount the dish according to instructions.
Overview of Pointing the Satellite Dish
The receiver uses horizontal or vertical signals that are broadcast from a satellite
located in a stationary orbit 22,500 miles above the equator. It is important to
accurately point your satellite dish at the satellite or you may lose the signal during
inclement weather or when minor interference is present. When you point the
satellite dish, you will be concerned with up to three kinds of adjustments
depending upon your geographic location:
• First, adjust the position of the LNBF so that it is properly aligned to receive
the horizontal or vertical signals.
• Second, adjust the elevation of the satellite dish.
• Third, adjust the compass direction.


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