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Motorola Vanguard 305 User Manual: Key Functions

Digital satellite receiver.
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Key Functions

Power. To turn the component on or off.
Mode. To change the remote from control of the satellite to control of the TV.
SAT(mode). To change the remote to SAT mode so it can control the receiver for
viewing satellite and cable TV signals as well as the OPTIONS menu.
TV(mode). To change the remote to TV mode so it can control the TV.
VCR(mode). To change the remote to VCR mode to control the VCR.
AUX(mode). To change the remote to AUX mode to control auxiliary
Source. To control the input source to your satellite receiver, your TV, your VCR
or your auxiliary components.
- In SAT mode, it shifts between satellite or cable and antenna input.
- In TV mode, it shifts between auxiliary antenna and video sources.
- In VCR mode, it shifts between TV input and VCR input.
- In AUX mode, it allows input from auxiliary components.
PPV. To display the current Pay-Per-View selections.
Options. To exit any menu and display the Options menu.
Interests. To exit any menu and display the Interests menu. Press it again to
remove the Interests menu and return to watching a program.
Browse. To view program information for channels and times other than the
current channel and time while continuing to view a program. Press GO BACK to
return to watching a program. Press ENTER to go to the program located in the
Browse banner.
Guide. To display the Interactive Program Guide (IPG). Press it again to return to
program viewing.
Go Back. To return to the previous menu.
Enter. For convenience, there are two ENTER keys. If you are using a menu,
press ENTER to select a highlighted option. In SAT mode press ENTER to tune in
the channel whose numbers you have already pressed.
Arrow Keys. To highlight selections from menu screens. Also used in the Browse
banner to navigate between listings.
Exit. To exit any menu and watch a program or to display a program information
if you are already watching a program.
Future. To display a program banner for what's on in the future while you are
watching a program.
Last Ch. To return to the last channel viewed.


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