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Loading The Machine - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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Loading the machine

Loading the machine
^ Empty all containers before loading
them into the machine.
Ensure that no acid or solvent
residues, especially hydrochloric
acid or chlorides get into the wash
^ Load items so that water will come
into contact with all surfaces. This
ensures that they will be properly
^ Do not place items to be cleaned
inside other pieces where they may
be concealed.
^ Hollow vessels such as cups,
glasses, pots, etc. should be inverted
and placed in the correct inserts.
^ Deep based items should be placed
at an angle to ensure that water runs
off them freely.
^ Tall, narrow, hollow pieces should be
placed in the center of the basket to
ensure good water coverage.
^ Small pieces should be placed on
the cup racks in the upper basket.
Do not obscure them by larger items
below. Cups should be on the lower
rack and bowls on the top rack so
that water reaches all pieces.
^ The spray arms must not be blocked
by items which are too tall or which
hang down in their path. Check if
they rotate freely.
^ Do not place tall items in the front
right area of the lower basket. They
could prevent the detergent
compartment flap from opening.

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