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Leveling The Machine - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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Leveling the machine

Any unevenness in the floor can be
compensated for.
^ Adjust the four screw feet to raise or
lower the height of the machine.
Position and secure the
To ensure stability the machine must
first be aligned and then screwed to the
^ Open the door.
^ Through each of the two holes in the
front trim, left and right, screw the
machine to the front edge of the
continuous countertop.
^ Do not use silicone sealant to seal
the gaps between the machine and
any neighboring units, this would
hinder ventilation to the circulation
Stainless steel toe kick
A stainless steel toe kick is included for
easing undercounter installations.
Please refer to installation directions
included with the toe kick.
Depending on the requirements for
installation, the following "kits" can be
ordered from the Miele.
Cover plate (protects the countertop)
The underside of the countertop is
protected from steam damage by a
"niro" stainless steel plate.

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