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Changing A Program; Canceling A Program - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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Changing a program

If the "Start" button has not yet been
pressed, the selected program can be
^ Turn the program selector to the
desired program.
^ If required select the additional
function "Extra Drying" again. See
"Selecting an additional function".
^ Press the "Start" button.

Canceling a program

Once a program is running it should
only be canceled in extreme cases,
e.g. when items in the machine are
moving and need to be arranged
^ Turn the program selector to "Stop".
The program is canceled after
2 seconds.
^ Open the door.
Caution! Water and items in the
machine may be hot. Danger of
burning or scalding!
^ Rearrange the items securely.
Observe appropriate health and
safety regulations - wear protective
gloves when necessary.
^ Replenish powder detergent if
^ Close the door.
^ Select the "Drain" program. The
waste water is drained.
^ Select and start the program again.

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