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Plumbing - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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Connection to the water inlet
Water in the machine is not
suitable for drinking.
^ The machine must be connected to
the water supply in accordance with
local and national regulations.
^ The machine is constructed to
comply with Canada regulations, and
may be connected to a suitable
supply without an extra non-return
valve provided that national
regulations allow this.
^ The water pressure (flow rate) must
be a minimum of 7.25 - 145 psi.
If the water pressure (flow rate) is
below 29 psi the fill time is
automatically extended.
The maximum permitted static
pressure is 145 psi.
If the water pressure is not in the
range of 7.25 - 145 psi the "Fill/Drain"
indicator may come on and the fault
code "F2 E" will show in the display.
Please contact the Miele Service
^ The machine is supplied as standard
for connection to a cold (coded blue)
and a hot (coded red) water supply
up to a max. temperature of 158°F
(70 °C).
The inlet hoses should be connected
to the cold and hot water supplies.
If there is no hot water connection the
hot water inlet hose marked red
should also be connected to a cold
water supply.
^ Valves with 3/4 inch male threads are
to be provided on site. They should
be easily accessible so that the water
supply can be turned off when the
machine is not in use.
^ The DN 10 inlet hose is approx. 5' 7 "
(1.7 m) long ending in a 3/4 inch
female thread. Do not remove the
inlet filters.
^ Large surface area filters are
enclosed in the kit supplied with the
machine for installation between the
valve and the inlet hose
(see illustration in "Machine Care -
Cleaning the filters in the Water
The inlet hose must not be
shortened or damaged in any way.
^ See also the supplied installation



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