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Machine Care - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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Filter combination
The machine must not be used
without all filters in place. The filters
protect the circulation pump from
damage caused by foreign objects.
The filter combination in the base of
the wash cabinet should be
inspected regularly and cleaned if
Watch out for sharp objects which
could cause injury.
Cleaning the coarse filter
^ Press the two tabs together. Remove
and clean the coarse filter.
^ Put the clean filter back in position
and press until it clicks in place.
Cleaning the fine, flat and micro-fine
^ Remove the coarse filter.
^ Remove the fine filter (if fitted) from bet-
ween the flat and micro-fine filters.
^ To unscrew the micro-fine filter,
grasp the two tabs and turn
counter-clockwise twice.
^ Remove both filters together.
^ Clean the filters.
^ Replace the filter combination in the
reverse order. The flat filter must lie
flat in the base of the wash cabinet.

Machine care


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