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Setting The Dosage - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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^ Add rinse aid until it is visible on the
surface of the filter in the opening.
^ Close the flap until it clicks into place.
Make sure it is firmly shut, otherwise
water could get into the rinse aid
reservoir during the program.
^ Clean up any spilled rinse aid to
prevent over-foaming during the next
The flap should always remain closed.
Only open it to add more rinse aid.
^ Only add rinse aid when the rinse aid
indicator comes on.

Setting the dosage

The dosage selector (see arrow) is
preset to 3. This dispenses
approximately 3 ml of rinse aid per
program. It can be adjusted from 1 to 6.
^ Use a higher setting if spots appear
on dry glassware.
^ Use a lower setting if streaking
appears on dishes or glasses.
Rinse aid

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