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Opening And Closing The Door - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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To open the door
^ Press the door button, hold the door
grip and pull open the door at the
same time.
The door should only be opened during
operation for emergencies, e.g. if items
are knocking together or if a program
fault is indicated in the display. See
"Canceling a program".
Do not touch the heating
elements during or directly after the
end of a program, you could burn
yourself. They remain hot for some
time after the end of the program.
When using the "Rapid" program the
door must be kept closed between
loads. The condensed water which
builds up in the machine could cause
corrosion or damage to surrounding
countertops or furniture. See advice on
installation locations in the "Installation"
section of this manual.

Opening and closing the door

To close the door
^ Lift the door upwards and push until
it clicks shut. Do not press the door
button while shutting the door.

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