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Important Safety Instructions - Miele 06 868 521 Operating And Installation Instructions

Commercial dishwasher
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When using your dishwasher
follow basic precautions,
including the following:
This dishwasher is only intended for
specialized applications. Only use
the machine for its intended
purpose. Any other use, conversion
or modification is dangerous. The
manufacturer cannot be held
responsible for damages caused by
improper use of this machine.
This dishwasher complies with
current safety requirements.
Improper use of the machine can
lead to personal injury and material
Read all instructions before installing
or using this machine.
Keep these operating instructions in
a safe place and pass them on to
any future user.
Installation and service
Installation and repair work should
be performed by a Miele authorized
service technician. Work by unqualified
persons could be dangerous and may
void the warranty.
Do not use the machine until
properly installed.
Do not install the machine in an area
where a danger of explosion or of
freezing temperatures may be present.
The installation of this unit in
non-stationary locations (e.g. ships)
must be performed by a qualified
installer or service agency, in strict
accordance with national and local
safety regulations and standards.
Before installation, make sure that
the voltage and frequency listed on the
data plate correspond with the
household electrical supply. This data
must correspond to prevent injury and
machine damage. Consult a qualified
electrician if in doubt.
Be certain this machine is properly
installed and grounded by an
authorized technician. To guarantee the
electrical safety of this machine,
continuity must exist between the
machine and an effective grounding
system. It is imperative that this basic
safety requirement be met. If there is
any doubt, have the electrical system
checked by a qualified technician. The
manufacturer cannot be held
responsible for damage or injury, such
as electric shock, caused by missing or
defective grounding.
Do not install or use a damaged
dishwasher. A damaged machine is
dangerous. Unplug the machine and
call your Miele dealer or the Miele
Technical Service Department.

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