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Fluke 114 Calibration Information Manual page 8

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114, 115, 116, and 117
Calibration Information
Recommended Equipment
5500A Multi-product Calibrator (or
Fluke 80 AK
K-type Thermocouple Adapter Accessory
K-type Thermocouple, mini-plug on both
Double Banana plug
Testing the Display
Push K and turn the rotary switch to the e position. Compare the display with the example in Figure 3.
Check all segments for clarity and contrast.
Backlight Test
To Test the Backlight, press the Q button and verify that the backlight comes on.
Keypad Test
To test the keypad, turn the Meter to ACV and push each button separately. Each button push should cause the
Meter to beep and activate a display annunciator.
Reset the Meter by turning it Off and then back to an On position.
Preparing for the Performance Tests
To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury:
Do not perform the following procedures unless qualified to do so. Some
procedures involve the use of high voltages.
Before handling the test connections and in between tests, make sure
the calibrator is in standby mode (STBY).
To prepare for the performance test:
1. Make sure that you have the required equipment (refer to Table 4).
Table 2. Required Equipment (cont)
Measurement Function
Frequency (115, 116, and 117)
Temperature (116)
Temperature (116)
VoltAlert (117)
Figure 3. Display Segments
2 V, 50 kHz
±0.025 %

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