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Calibration Adjustment - Fluke 114 Calibration Information Manual

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114, 115, 116, and 117
Calibration Information
Insert Double Banana
8. Hold the Meter so that the top is vertically and horizontal centered to the banana plug's Hi terminal.
Verify that the Meter's beeper is sounding continuously and the red LED at the top of the display lights.
9. Return the calibrator to standby mode and verify the Meter's beeper is silent and the red LED is off.

Calibration Adjustment

The Meter features closed-case calibration adjustment using known reference sources. The Meter measures the
applied reference source, calculates correction factors, and stores the correction factors in nonvolatile memory.
The following sections present the features and Meter pushbutton functions available during the Calibration
Adjustment Procedure. Should the Meter fail any of the performance tests, perform the Calibration Adjustment
Use the following steps to view the Meter's calibration counter.
1. While pressing K, turn the rotary switch from OFF to Ω function. The Meter should display
2. Press g once to view the calibration counter. For example, "n001"
3. Turn the rotary switch to OFF.
Calibration Adjustment Password
To start the Calibration Adjustment Procedure, the correct 4-digit password must be entered. The default password is
"1234". The password can be changed or reset to the default as described in following paragraphs.
Changing the Password
Use the following steps to change the Meter's password:
1. While pressing K, turn the rotary switch from OFF to Ω function. The Meter should display
Figure 4. VoltAlert Testing
Center Meter top on Hi terminal.
Note that LED is RED

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