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Fluke 114 Calibration Information Manual page 13

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2. Press g once to see the calibration counter.
3. Press g again to start the password entry. The Meter displays "
4. The Meter buttons indicated below represent the numbers 1 through 5 when entering or changing the
K = 1
5. Press 4 buttons to enter the current password. If changing the password for the first time, enter
K (1), M (2), q (3), and g (4).
6. Press qto change the password. The Meter displays "
password is not correct, the Meter emits a double beep, displays "
entered again. Repeat step 5.
7. Press the 4 buttons of the new password.
8. Press g to store the new password.
Restoring the Default Password
If the calibration password is forgotten, the default password (1234) can be manually restored using the following
To avoid electric shock or personal injury, remove the test leads and any input
signal before removing the Meter's back case.
1. Remove the Meter's back case. Leave the pca in the top case.
2. Apply 9.0V across the battery contacts (XBT1) + and (XBT2) – on the back of the PCA. See Figure 5.
3. Turn the rotary switch from OFF to any on position.
4. Short across the S7 CAL keypad on the back of the PCA. See Figure 5. The Meter should beep. The
default password is now restored.
5. Remove the 9.0V supply and replace the Meter's back case.
Short S7 to reset to Default password
M = 2
q = 3
XW Warning
Figure 5. Calibration Password Reset
Digital Multimeters
Calibration Adjustment
g = 4
Q = 5
" if the entered password is correct. If the
", and the password must be

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