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Basic Features; Placing A Call; Answering A Call; Using Call Waiting - Cisco 7911G User Manual

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Cloud Voice Service

Basic Features


Placing a Call

There are 4 options for placing a new call:
1. When using the handset, lift the handset and dial the number.
2. To make a new call on the current line, press the NewCall soft key and dial the
3. To dial with the phone on hook, from the main screen, perform either of these
4. To dial the last dialed number, press the Redial soft key.
* If you wish to dial the call to external partner, please remember to add "9" before the 8-digits
telephone number

Answering a Call

To answer an incoming call, lift up the handset.

Using Call Waiting

If you are enabled with call waiting for your phone, you will hear a call waiting tone and
the caller ID information will be shown on the phone's LCD screen if a new call comes
in when you are on the phone.
To create a conference call between yourself and the other two parties, press the
Confrn soft key.
Version 1.0
a) Dial the number and lift the handset or press the Dial soft key. The phone
will not produce a dial tone until after you lift the handset or press the Dial
soft key.
b) Press the NewCall soft key and dial the number.
To answer the new call, press the Answer soft key. When you do so, the
original call will be put on hold.
To return to the original call, press the Hold button.
If the second call is still active, the call will be put on hold when you return to the
original call.
You can continue to use the Hold button to switch between the calls.
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