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Cisco 7911G User Manual

Unified ip phone
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Cloud Voice Service
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G User Guide
(Version 1.0)



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  Summary of Contents for Cisco 7911G

  • Page 1 Cloud Voice Service Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G User Guide (Version 1.0)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Cloud Voice Service Table of Content Phone Set Features and Functions ....................2 Operation for IP Phone 7911G ....................2 Location of Control ........................2 Location of Control ........................3 Preference Setup ..........................4 Adjusting the Handset Volume ....................4 Adjusting the Speakerphone Volume ..................
  • Page 3: Phone Set Features And Functions

    The Cloud Voice Service enabled by Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G addresses the voice communication needs of a cubicle worker who conducts low to medium telephone traffic. A pixel display and dynamic soft keys allow easy access to a core set of business features.
  • Page 4: Location Of Control

    Cloud Voice Service Location of Control Item Description LCD Screen Displays features such as time, date, your phone number, caller ID, call status, and soft key tabs. IP Phone Series Indicates the IP Phone to which your phone belongs. Type Soft keys Enables you to engage in any of the functions displayed on the corresponding LCD screen tabs.
  • Page 5: Preference Setup

    Cloud Voice Service Preference Setup Adjusting the Handset Volume You can adjust the volume of the call when using the handset 1. To adjust the volume of the handset, press the up or down Volume button when the handset is in use. 2.
  • Page 6: Changing The Lcd Contrast

    Cloud Voice Service Changing the LCD Contrast 1. Press the Menu button. 2. Use the Navigation button to select Settings, and then press the Select soft key. 3. From the Settings menu, use the Navigation button to select Contrast and then press the Select soft key.
  • Page 7: Basic Features

    Cloud Voice Service Basic Features Placing a Call There are 4 options for placing a new call: 1. When using the handset, lift the handset and dial the number. 2. To make a new call on the current line, press the NewCall soft key and dial the number.
  • Page 8: Ending A Call

    Cloud Voice Service Ending a Call To end a call, hang up the handset or press the EndCall soft key. Muting a Call 1. Press the Mute soft key. 2. To disengage mute, press UnMute soft key again. Note: If you are using mute along with the speakerphone, lifting up the handset will disengage mute function.
  • Page 9: Setting Up Call Forwarding From Your Mobile

    Cloud Voice Service Note: 1. Please remember to add ‘9’ before the 8-digits telephone number if the destination is a mobile phone/ an external number. If you wish to forward all incoming calls to your VoiceMail, simply press CFwdAll and Msgs button.
  • Page 10: Call Pickup

    Cloud Voice Service 2. If you wish to make a conference call with an external partner, please remember to add ”9” before the 8-digits telephone number. 3.11 Call Pickup 3.11.1 Call Pickup within your Group When the phone of your pickup group member rings, you can use your own phone to pick up and answer the call directly.
  • Page 11: Switching Phone Conversation From Ip Phone To Mobile

    Cloud Voice Service 3.12.2 Switching Phone Conversation from IP Phone to Mobile When you are talking to your business partner on your IP Phone and wish to leave your desk, you can continue the phone conversation by switching the call to your mobile.
  • Page 12: Accessing Voicemail

    Cloud Voice Service 2. A welcome greeting message will be announced and please select the language by pressing ‘1’ for Cantonese / ‘2’ for English. 3. Enter your User ID (your Cloud Voice Number) followed by “#” 4. Enter your VoiceMail PIN followed by “#” 5.
  • Page 13: Using The Phone Log

    Cloud Voice Service • E-mail Address:; ‘3xxxxxxx’ is your Cloud Voice Number • Username: Your Cloud Voice Number (eg 3xxxxxxx) Password: Your Cloud Voice Password • ** When entering Server Information, please input the following • Account Type: IMAP •...
  • Page 14: Extension Mobility

    Cloud Voice Service Extension Mobility The Extension Mobility feature allows you to associate your phone number and user profile with any IP Phone. When you use your IP Phone Personal Identification Number (PIN) to login an IP Phone, your assigned telephone number, and the settings that you have established will be associated with that phone.
  • Page 15: Change The Ip Phone Pin

    Cloud Voice Service Presence Communicator Service – Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (Account and VoiceMail Login) Mobility Apps Services – Cisco Jabber (Configuration of VoiceMail, Desk Phone Integration and Corporate Directory) Retrieval of VocieMail via Outlook 2000 Change the IP Phone PIN Visit Wharf T&T Cloud Voice User Portal at...