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Sony CCU-900 Operation Manual

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1st Edition (Revised 3)



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  • Page 1 CAMERA CONTROL UNIT CCU-900/900P DIGITAL INTERFACE UNIT BKP-9330 OPERATION MANUAL [English] 1st Edition (Revised 3)
  • Page 3 For customers in the USA (for CCU-900) WARNING This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide...
  • Page 4 For the customers in Europe (for CCU-900P) This product with the CE marking complies with both the EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) and the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) issued by the Commission of the European Community. Compliance with these directives implies conformity to the This camera control unit is classified as a CLASS 1 LASER following European standards: PRODUCT.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Connections for the Dual Camera Operation ........20 Connections for a Super-Motion Camera (with the BKP-9330) ..21 Connections for Control, Intercom, Tally, and Audio Signals ..22 Self-Diagnosis ..................24 CCU-900/900P ................27 Specifications ................... 27 BKP-9330 (optional) ............... 28...
  • Page 6: Overview

    It also has SDI AUX signal input and output, and analog video input and output for tele- prompter. The input signal must be synchronized with the clock of the CCU-900/ 900P. Adding a BKP-9330 board (optional) enables SDI superslow output.
  • Page 7 Safety-oriented power supply The CCU-900/900P is designed for safety. When the power is turned on, a low voltage is supplied at first. Only after it has been verified that an appropriated camera is attached, the normal 240 V power supply is activated.
  • Page 8 Overview Plug-in unit configuration Internal printed circuit boards are designed for easy plug-in and removal. The power supply is also a plug-in type unit, for easy inspection and maintenance. Dual camera system configurable Mutually connecting SDI AUX inputs and outputs of two cameras enables establishing a dual camera system with an optical-fiber cable.
  • Page 9: System Configuration Example

    External control equipment Headset VCS-700 Video selector IC card MSU-700A/750 Master setup unit CNU-700/500 Camera command network unit CCU-900/900P Camera control unit Switcher BKP-9330 Character monitor Color video camera BVP-9500WS/9500WSP/ 950/950P RCP-700-series + CA-950/950P Remote control panel + CA-905L...
  • Page 10: Location And Function Of Parts

    Turns on/off the power to the entire system, consisting Used to select the type of headset microphone being of the CCU-900/900P, a video camera, an RCP-700- used, or to turn microphone input off. series Remote Control Panel connected via the DYNAMIC: for a dynamic microphone REMOTE connector, etc.
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    8 INTERCOM connector (XLR 5-pin) For connecting a headset. To use a headset with a plug other than an XLR 5-pin plug, consult a Sony service representative. Rear Panel 1 CAMERA connector 2 SDI signal input/output connectors 3 Analog signal input/output connectors...
  • Page 12 If the BKP-9330 is installed, mixed signal of triple- speed signals sent from the BVP-9500WS/9500WSP using the setup menu of the CCU-900/900P, or using the MSU-700A/750 Master Setup Unit, from among are output through these connectors. Mixing is set to the SDI, analog, SDI AUX, and PROMPTER.
  • Page 13 RCP-700-series Remote Control Panel or the The signals assigned to RET 1, 2, 3, and 4 are selected WF MONITOR button on the MSU-700A/750 Master using the setup menu of the CCU-900/900P, or using Setup Unit. the MSU-700A/750 Master Setup Unit, from among For information about these operations, refer to the SDI, analog, SDI AUX, or PROMPTER.
  • Page 14 Location and Function of Parts 4 -AC IN (AC power supply input) connector Connect to an AC power supply using the supplied AC power cord. The power cord is fixed to the CCU-900/ 900P using the supplied plug holder. 5 Remote control connectors...
  • Page 15 0 INTERCOM/TALLY/PGM (program) output) connector (BNC-type) connector (D-sub 25-pin) Used to output the results of the CCU-900/900P Used for input and output of intercom, tally, and diagnostic self-test and menu display in black-and- program audio signals. Connect the cable from the white analog video format.
  • Page 16: Bkp-9330 (Optional)

    Location and Function of Parts BKP-9330 (optional) A BKP-9330 board can be mounted in the extension slot of the CCU-900/900P. For information on installation, contact a Sony service representative. 1 SERIAL OUTPUT connectors SS-A SS-B SS-C SERIAL OUTPUT 1 SERIAL OUTPUT (SS-A, SS-B, SS-C)
  • Page 17: Internal Board

    All indicators off: abnormal communication with the 7 OPTICAL CONDITION (CCU) indicators camera (CHU LOCK indicator also off) Indicate the light level received by the CCU-900/900P. (0 dBm = 1 mW) Note Green lit: normal (optical level not less than –17...
  • Page 18 Location and Function of Parts VPR-57 board POWER ENABLE LOCAL REMOTE 1 POWER indicator 3 REMOTE/LOCAL switch 2 ENABLE indicator 1 POWER indicator Lights when the board is supplied with proper power supply. 2 ENABLE indicator Lights when the VPR board is in operation. 3 REMOTE/LOCAL switch For setting the mode, normal (frame interporation) or triple speed on the VPR board.
  • Page 20: Connections

    REFERENCE IN Prompter signal 75-ohm termination SERIAL OUTPUT 1~3 Component SDI signals Optical-fiber cable SERIAL OUTPUT MONI SYNC OUT Reference signal CAMERA CCU-900/900P 1 -AC IN AC power supply AC power cord (supplied) PROMPTER IN Analog video signal CHARACTER OUTPUT BVP-9500WS/9500WSP/950/950P...
  • Page 21: Video Signal Connections

    Reference signal CAMERA CCU-900/900P RET INPUT 1~4 MONITOR OUT PIX 1/PIX 2 Picture monitor output MONITOR OUT WF 1/WF 2 Waveform monitor output Analog return video signals Note The input signal must be synchronized with the clock of the CCU-900/ 900P.
  • Page 22: Connections For The Dual Camera Operation

    Connections Connections for the Dual Camera Operation Other than the optical-fiber cables, all cables are 75-ohm coaxial cables with BNC connectors. Primary camera BVP-9500WS/9500WSP/950/950P 1 Secondary CCU CCU-900/900P 1 CA-950/950P Optical-fiber cable Serial Serial SDI AUX OUT SDI AUX IN REFERENCE ••••...
  • Page 23: Connections For A Super-Motion Camera (With The Bkp-9330)

    Operation mode of the BVP-9500WS/9500WSP, normal speed (×1) or triple speed (×3), can be selected via the INCOM REMOTE connector on the rear panel. To select the operation mode on the CCU-900/900P, set the signal level at pin 23 of the INCOM REMOTE connector to L. Then the operation mode, normal or triple, can be selected via pin 20 of the INCOM REMOTE connector as shown in the table below.
  • Page 24: Connections For Control, Intercom, Tally, And Audio Signals

    Selecting a waveform monitor The waveform monitor to be connected to the D-sub 15-pin WF MODE connector of the CCU-900/900P or to the WF MODE connector on the CNU-700 Camera Command Network Unit is a recall type monitor. With a recall-type monitor, the desired display mode can first be set up on the...
  • Page 25 The required cables are 1 audio cables with XLR 3-pin plugs, 2 D-sub 9-pin remote cables, 3 CCA-5 cables, and 4 75-ohm coaxial cables with BNC connectors. For details on cables without number labels, refer to the Service Manual or contact a Sony service representative. CCU-900/900P 1...
  • Page 26: Self-Diagnosis

    Self-Diagnosis System Diag 2/3 With the RCP-700-series Remote Control Panel connected, the results of system diagnosis of the internal boards of the CCU-900/900P can be displayed on the monitor. *System Diag 2/3* DUAL Mode CAMERA Cable Open Data Power OFF...
  • Page 27 CAMERA CONNECT: Detection of connection with the camera The self-diagnosis results for the internal boards of the CAMERA Power: Detection of power supply to the CCU-900/900P is displayed by pressing the camera CHARACTER button of the RCP-700-series Remote Intercom: Setting of the intercom switch...
  • Page 28 Self-Diagnosis IF Board DIF Board *IF Diagnosis* *DIF Diagnosis* POWER POWER LSI Condition LSI Condition Active A-RET1 SS-A SS-B PORMPT PORMPT SS-C POWER: Operational status of the board regulator POWER: Operational status of the board regulator LSI Condition: Setting status of the LSI LSI Condition: Setting status of LSI SS-A OUT: Output status of SDI-A signal Active: Existence of an active input route...
  • Page 29: Ccu-900/900P

    50/60 Hz • Set in a cool, dry place. (To change to a different power • Keep out of direct sunlight or other strong light. supply, contact a Sony service representative.) Input/Output connectors Current consumption 5 A (at 100 V AC, entire system...
  • Page 30: Bkp-9330 (Optional)

    Specifications CCA-5-10 Connection Cable (10 meter/33 feet) Output connectors BKP-7900 Expansion Board BKP-9330 Optional Board AUDIO OUT XLR 3-pin, male (2), 0 dBs/–20 dBs Connectors for optical/electric composite cables: CHARACTER BNC-type (1), 525 black and white • LEMO(R) PUW.3K.93C.TLCC96 210 mVp-p (characters) (to the “CAMERA”...
  • Page 31 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation and is intended solely for use by the purchasers of the equipment described in this manual. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any...
  • Page 32 Sony Corporation Printed in Belgium CCU-900/900P(UC) B&P Company 2002.10.08 3-204-460-04(1)  2000...

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