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GE JKP13 Use And Care Manual: Using Your Oven; Before Using The Oven

Built-h electric oven.
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Before Using the Oven

Look at the controls. Be sure you understand how to
set them properly. Read over the directions for the
Oven Controls so you understand how to use them.
2. Check the oven interior. Look at the shelves.
Take a practice run at removing and replacing them
properly, to give sure, sturdy support.
3. Read over the information and tips that follow.
4. Keep this guide handy so you can refer to it,
especially during the first weeks of using your
new oven.
Your oven temperature is controlled very accurately
using an oven control system. We recommend that you
operate the oven for a number of weeks using the ti_me
given on recipes as a guide to become familiar with
your new oven's performance. If you think an
adjustment is necessary, see the Adjust the Oven
Thermostat section. It gives easy Do
instructions on how to adjust the thermostat.
Oven Light-Double Oven
Both lights come on when the upper oven door is
opened or when the control panel light switch is
turned on.
NOTE: The bottom oven does not have its own light
operates by opening the upper oven door or
by using the control panel light switch.
Oven Light-Single Oven
The light
Oven When Using the Temperature Probe
oven is not programmed for
has controls for the upper oven
e left side of the panel are for
ds on the right side of the pane
can be used for either oven.


Press the INCREASE or DECREASE pad. The
last oven set temperature appears in the display.
Continue pressing until the desired oven
temperature is displayed.
The oven will start automatically. The words
"BAKE ON" and the roasting t~mperature you set
will be in the display.
After a few seconds, the words "LO PROBE" will
replace the roasting temperature in the display.
After the internal temperature of the meat reaches
100"F., the changing internal temperature will be
shown in the displa~.
7. When the internal temperature of the
A fan may automatically turn on and off to cool
internal parts. This is normal, and the fan may
continue to run even after the oven is turned off.
You may notice a "burning" or "oily" smell the first
few times you turn your oven on. This is normal in a
new oven and will disappear in a short time. To speed
the process, set a self-clean cycle for a minimum of
3 hours. See the Operating the Self-Cleaning Oven
When the oven gets hot, the top and outside surfaces
of the oven get hot too.
How to Set th(
The display will f
control will signa
the outlet, but th(
the probe.
Your double oven
and the lower ow
control. Pads on 1
the upper oven. F
are for the lower
Insert the probe
into the meat.


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