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GE JKP13 Use And Care Manual: Do It Yourself

Built-h electric oven.
Hide thumbs


that your new oven cooks differently
You may feel
than the one it replaced. We recommend that you
use your new oven for a few weeks to become more
familiar with it, following the times given in your
recipes as a guide.
If you think your new oven is too hot or too cool,
you can adjust the thermostat yourself. If you think
it is too hot, adjust the thermostat to make it cooler. If
you think it is too cool, adjust the thermostat to make
Ovens Controlled with Touch Pads
Adjust the Thermostat:
1. Press the BAKE pad,
2. Select an oven temperature between 500°F.
and 550"F.
3. Immediately, before ON is displayed, press and
hold the BAKE pad for about four seconds. The
display will change to the oven adjustment display.
Ovens Controlled with Knobs
Pull the knob off the shaft.
knob and note the currentsetting before making
any adjustment. The knob is factory set with the top
screw directly under the pointer.
Back of the OVEN TEMP knob
Lower screw moves toward HOITER or COOLER
To Adjust the Thermostat:
1. Pull off the knob.
2. Loosen both screws on back of the knob.


look at the back of the
We do not recommend the use of inexpensive
thermometers, such as those found in grocery stores,
to check the temperature setting of your new oven.
These thermometers may vary 20-40 degrees.
4. The oven temperature can be adjusted up to (+) 35"F.
hotter or (-) 35°F. cooler. Use the INCREASE or
DECREASE pad to select the desired change in
the display.
5. When you have made the adjustment, press the
CLEAR/OFF pad to go back to the time of day
display. Use your oven as you would normally.
NOTE: This adjustment will not affect the broiling
or self-cleaning temperatures. It will be retained in
memory after a power failure.
3. Hold both parts of the knob as shown in the
illustration of the back of the OVEN TEMP
knob and turn so the lower screw moves in
the desired direction. You will hear and feel the
notches as you turn the knob. Each notch changes
temperature about 10° Fahrenheit.
4. Tighten the screws.
5. Return the knob to the oven.
Re-check oven performance before making any
additional adjustments.
The lower screw
moves toward
to increase the
The lower screw
moves toward
to decrease the


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