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GE JKP13 Use And Care Manual Page 20

Built-h electric oven.
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How to Set Oven for Cleaning
Quick Reminder:
1. Press the CLEAN pad.
2. Press the INCREASE or DECREASE pad
until the desired Clean Time appears.
If the oven is too hot and you start to set a clean
cycle, the word "OFF" will appear in the display.
Allow additional time for cooling before you try to
set the cycle.
1. Follow the directions in the Before a Clean Cycle
After closing the door, press the
CLEAN pad.
Press the INCREASE or
DECREASE pad until the
desired Clean Time is displayed.
Clean Time is normally 3 hours. You
can change the Clean Time to anytime
between 2 and 4 hours, depending on
the amount of soil in your oven.
To Stop a Clean Cycle
1. Press the CLEAWOFF pad.
The self-clean cycle will automatically begin after
"CLEAN" is displayed and the time for the clean cycle
is set. The words "ON" and "LOCK" will appear in the
display when the door automatically locks. It will not
be possible to open the oven door until the temperature
drops below the lock temperature and the LOCK light
goes off.
4. When the LOCK light is off, open the door.
You can find out when the clean cycle will be
finished by pressing the STOP TIME pad.
The word "door" will be displayed, the word
"LOCK" will flash and oven control will signal if you
set the clean cycle and forget to close the oven door.
internal parts. This is normal, and the fan may
continue to run after the oven is turned off.
2. When the LOCK light goes off and the oven has
cooled below the locking temperature, open the door.


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