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GE JKP13 Use And Care Manual Page 15

Built-h electric oven.
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Roasting is cooking by dry heat. Tender meat or
poultry can be roasted uncovered in your oven.
Roasting temperatures, which should be low and
steady, keep spattering to a minimum.
Roasting is really a baking procedure used for meats.
Therefore, oven controls are set for Baking or Timed
Baking. (You may hear a slight clicking sound,
indicating the oven is working properly.) Timed
Baking will turn the oven on and off automatically.
Ovens Controlled with Touch Pads
1. Place the shelf in A or B position. No preheating is
2. Check the weight of the
meat. Place the meat
fat-side-up, or poultry
breast-side-up, on
roasting rack in a
shallow pan. The
melting fat will baste
the meat. Select a pan
as close to the size-of the meat as possible.
(The broiler pan with rack is a good pan for this.)
Use of Aluminum Foil
You can use aluminum foil to line the broiler pan.
This makes clean-up easier when using the pan for
marinating, cooking with fruits, cooking heavily
cured meats or basting food during cooking. Press
the foil tightly around the inside of the pan.
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Most meats continue to cook slightly while standing,
after being removed from the oven. Standing time
recommended for roasts is 10 to 20 minutes. This
allows roasts to firm up and makes them easier to
carve. Internal temperature will rise about 5° to 10"F.;
to compensate for temperature rise, if desired, remove
the roast from oven sooner (at 5° to 10"F. less than
temperature in the Roasting Guide).
Remember that food will continue to cook in the hot
oven and therefore should be removed when the
desired internal temperature has been reached.
The oven will start automatically. The word "ON"
and "100°" will be displayed. As the oven heats up,
the display will show the changing temperature.
When the oven reaches the temperature you set, a
tone will sound.
5. Press the CLEAIVOFF pad when
roasting is finished and then remove
the food from the oven.
NOTE: A fan may automatically turn on and off to
cool internal parts. This is normal, and the fan may
continue to run after the oven is turned off.
To change the oven temperature during the
roasting cycle, press the BAKE pad and then
the INCREASE or DECREASE pad to get the
new temperature.


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